A San Diego Shower Remodel Refreshes The Body AND Soul

May 2, 2023

How A New San Diego Shower Doesn’t Just Refresh The Body – It Refreshes The Soul

Shugarman’s Bath Brings Bathroom Remodeling To The Next Level!

Do you ever feel dirtier after you shower than you did before you stepped in? Chances are it’s because your San Diego shower is worn, cracked, and used beyond its shelf life. When this is the case, it’s time for a much-deserved shower or bath replacement! Most other bath remodeling companies install the same old products prone to mildew collection, moisture absorption, and soap scum build-up. And this leaves you constantly scrubbing your tub! At Shugarman’s Bath, we want you to feel refreshed, clean, and pristine when you step out of your shower. So, our easy-to-maintain products leave your bathroom looking great without the hassle of constant cleaning. (Take your well-earned sigh of relief.) After your hard day’s work, we make it easy to experience complete replenishment again!

A Tale Of Two Showers

It Was The Worst Of Times…

Picture this… You wake up and drag yourself into your cluttered, tired-looking bathroom only to find your shower how you left it. In disarray. Mold is growing under your curtain rod. Mildew is caked between your tiles. And the shower bottom has an unknown substance taking form. And no matter how much you scrub, it just won’t come off! Stepping over the high bath lip takes finesse, and finding a safe place to stand is tricky. Once you turn the water on, the shower head spurts in every direction except in the direction you want. Instead of feeling clean, your shower leaves you feeling frustrated, disgusted, and disappointed. We’ve all been there.

It Was The Best Of Times…

Now, here’s how your shower experience COULD go…you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in anticipation of your morning refresher. You skip to your bathroom and sigh in relief when you enter your shining, clean space. Your shower is grime and mildew-free and sparkles in the sunlight! Your worries of falling dissipate once you step through your low bath lip. You step easily into your shower, barely needing to lift up your feet to get inside. You’re free to enjoy your clean, sparkling, and safe tub or shower. Plus, your new shower head shoots exactly where it’s aimed to give you maximum effect. Best of all, you feel like a new person once you step back out again and are ready to take on the day!

Our Showers Elevate Your Bathing Experience To The Next Level

So, now that you see what you CAN have, it’s time to learn HOW Most other wet area bathroom remodelers offer customers traditional tile and cheap, flimsy shower and tub materials. These materials are cheap for a reason and result in moisture absorption, mildew build-up, and safety risks with their high tub lips. At Shugarman’s Bath, we offer the most solid, durable, and long-lasting products in the business. And they’re customizable for your safety requirements, letting you breathe easy. Plus, our products are easy-to-maintain because cleaning your bathroom is the last thing you want to do. Take our shower walls, for example – they’re non-porous and designed with Microban technology that makes them self-disinfecting and bacteria-resistant! How refreshing is that? (Pun intended.)

Revive Your San Diego Shower Experience With Shugarman’s Bath

It’s easy to let your San Diego bathroom go un-updated and neglected for years. But you deserve a better shower experience, and now is the time to get the bathroom remodel you’ve been pining for. After all, a shower isn’t just a shower – it’s an act of self-care and nourishment. And with our busy lives, everyone deserves a little slice of anxiety-free cleanliness in their own homes. Our quality products and superb craftsmanship (the Shugarman’s Way) allow you to recharge in spa-like splendor without the hassle of constant upkeep! Are you ready for your next San Diego shower remodel, tub remodel, or bath-to-shower conversion? Then work with a bathroom remodeling company focused on making you feel like a new person – contact Shugarman’s Bath today for a free quote!

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