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Here In San Diego And Orange County, Shugarman’s Way Means
Your Bathroom Remodeling Is Done RIGHT!

Our ‘Family First’ Service And Value-Driven Workmanship,
Guarantees Your New Tub Or Shower Performs For LIFE.

What’s unique about Shugarman’s is our heartfelt ‘From Our Family To Yours’ service and thorough Down-To-The-Studs approach to bath and shower remodeling for San Diego County and Orange County homeowners. NO ONE does it quite like our Family Company does. And no one cares as much about the quality of your remodeling experience.

With every San Diego and Orange County bathroom remodeling project our family business is involved in, we take the same strict set of steps so your new bathtub or shower space will LAST, PERFORM, and EXCEED expectations.

Beyond results, we strive to give you an exceptional remodeling experience, so you’re not just glad you chose us… but ecstatic! We get so much pleasure out of satisfying local families, and we know what ‘Done RIGHT!’ truly means. We aren’t perfect, but we’re pursuing it; we’re honest, and we care. Everyone here at Shugarman’s is more than willing to bend over backward to ensure your happiness.

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It’s why you can rest assured there won’t be ‘extra’ charges on anything in the wet area of your bathroom (tub/shower) or any pricing surprises. The competitive price we give you at your initial consultation is flat-out unwavering. Bank on it!

The Shugarman Family’s Way

Our 4-Step Remodeling Process Will Address Each Detail,
And Build Functional Value in Your Home. Here’s How It Works.

First, it’s important to us that you’re aware of the high level of service we’re committed to giving you. For example, our proactive communication ensures you’re informed every step of the way. You won’t go more than 21 days without hearing from us. Also, if you reach out to us and don’t hear back within 24 business hours, we’ll discount your project $250.

We’re going to let you know when materials are ordered, when they ship, when they arrive, and when we’re ready to schedule your installation.

Step #1: Strip Your Wet Space Down To The Studs

Our team will come in and demo everything in the wet area down to the studs. We don’t just cover up problems in your bathroom. This is done to find underlying moisture or plumbing issues and ensure we can rebuild an exceptional new bathroom solution from the ground up.

Step #2: Methodically Repair ALL Underlying Damage & Issues

We’re going to repair all moisture and stud damage, level your wet area’s walls and subfloor, and solidify the foundation of your new bath or shower space. This is where many other lower-quality companies let you down – cutting corners.

Step #3: Install Premium Foundational & Supportive Materials

Shugarman’s family-approved, factory-trained, and certified installers are going to change your p-trap, the shower valve, use our superior waterproof backer board, and rebuild everything that you Don’t see, so everything you do see performs exceptionally well for life!

Step #4: Deliver On Our 4-Layer ‘Never Leak’ System

Our 4-layer ‘never leak’ system involves a superior waterproof DensShield backer board, a new high-quality shower pan, installing inside corner strips (essentially flashing on walls that cover the seam where water might get through), and our non-porous BP-Cor2 material.

Every Fine Detail Attended To – By And FOR Family!

Whether We’re Installing A Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Or A New Walk-In Tub,
Shugarman’s Ensures Every Project Is Showroom Quality!

Shugarmans Bath Grey Bath Planet Marble Pattern Corner Shelving Chrome Hardware Walk In Shower Zero Barrier Entry Rain Shower Head Shower Wall Surround

BP-Cor2 Material

Bath Planet systems use a unique material called BP-Cor2. It’s made of 15% durable rubber acrylic and 85% ABS (the same material in football helmets and bowling balls) that give it elasticity and strength, specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Shugarmans Bath Grey Bath Planet Shower Wall Surround Walk In Shower Subway Pattern Brushed Nickel Hardware Sliding Glass Door Shower Head Low Barrier Entry

Coated Glass

Our stylish, customizable, and extra-thick glass doors (1/4″ minimum) are uniquely coated and treated so they’re easy to keep clean. Water and soap just take a quick squeegee to get off, rather than sticking and creating an environment where mold, mildew, and soap scum accumulate.

Shugarmans Bath White Bath Planet Subway Pattern Walk In Shower Corner Shelving Detachable Shower Head Matte Black Hardware Safety Handles Sliding Glass Door Shower Wall Surround

Compensating Valve

Have you ever had someone flushing the toilet or starting a load of laundry impact your shower? If so, then you know how annoying that can be. With our systems, it’s no longer a problem because they’re designed to compensate for water pressure changes throughout your home.

Shugarmans Bath Grey Bath Planet Cement Pattern Shower Wall Surround Walk In Shower Niche Shelving Detachable Shower Head Brushed Nickel Hardware

Temperature Control

Outdated bath and shower systems force you to take time and waste water with every use to get the temperature where you want it to be. Our systems don’t. Instead, once you set the temperature where you want, it stays there! Convenient and environmentally friendly. *

*Limitations * This feature is available on most fixtures we offer. Your Design Consultant can ensure you choose the right brand if this is a feature you desire.
High Quality Waterproof Backer Board - Shugarman's Bath

High-Quality Waterproof
Backer Board

Too many bathroom remodelers use what’s called ‘Green Board’ backer board but it’s not actually meant to go in the wet area because it’s not waterproof! It’s subpar material. We use either TRITON cement board or DensShield to ensure a perfect long-lasting seal.

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