We Won San Diego’s “Best Bathroom Remodeler” – TWICE

February 17, 2024

Shugarman’s Bath Placed FIRST
In The Ballot Box – Once Again

Even Against 800+ Bath Remodelers
Shugarman’s Bath Still Shines

Winning “MVP” of bath remodeling in San Diego is difficult. And to do it twice? Nearly impossible.

You see, there are more than 800 bath remodeling companies in San Diego. And there are two ways to ensure you choose the absolute BEST for you:

  1. Sift through 800+ San Diego bath remodelers and choose your favorite
  2. Choose the bath remodeler that was (twice) voted the BEST by San Diego Union-Tribune readers

And the company that won The Best Of Bath Remodeling twice and is now nominated for a third time in 2024? Well, that’s us – Shugarman’s Bath. Out of 800 bath remodelers and 10 fantastic finalists, we were chosen as numero uno – the best of the best…of the best.

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Craftsmanship And Quality = Baths Our Clients Love

First things first, quality matters. If we didn’t create stunning bath area remodels, we could never even earn a nomination for this award (let alone win it).

So, while we go far beyond expectations in terms of our service, the quality of our craftsmanship is and always will? be what’s most important. And there are numerous things we do on EVERY project to ensure top-notch results:

  • We Tear Out Everything – down to the framing elements and studs. This way, no problems go undetected and resolved.
  • We EXPECT Complex Problems – so there aren’t any surprises. If we find mold? We fix it without charging you more. That way, you know your quote is accurate and the price you see is indeed the price you pay.
  • We Order The Industry-Best Bath Materials our premium materials are nonporous. They self-disinfect. They come in numerous style options.
  • We Have Top-Notch Installers You Can Trust – our installers are certified and experienced. They know how to work efficiently and still dot all i’s and cross all t’s.

And to be perfectly sure you’re satisfied and fully covered, we offer a lifetime warranty. More than that, if we can’t fix your issue, we’ll give you a full refund.

We Treat Employees And Customers Like Family

Here’s the thing. All ten nominees for this award have superior craftsmanship. Quite frankly, their workmanship is fantastic – just like us.

So, what else sets Shugarman’s Bath apart? Why did we win it twice, and the other finalists didn’t?

Integrity. Heart. Care. Love. Honesty. And treating you like family.

You know, all of our customer-first core values that have ensured your satisfaction for years.

In other words, our workmanship got us nominated. Our genuine care for you and the entire San Diego community allowed us to WIN.

We Listen, Learn, And Use The Information
You Provide To Build Your Dream Bath

We TRAIN our employees to listen. It’s not something we “strive for” – listening is something that our employees develop through PRACTICE.

More than that, we ensure every employee is local and genuinely enjoys and cares about the work they perform, which further ensures you feel heard.

As a result, the quality of our craftsmanship and service improves even more.

By listening, we don’t create just another great bathtub. We create YOUR great bathtub. It’s just like the one you envision in your head and draw on paper. It’s not your neighbors or our past clients – it’s entirely, 100% uniquely yours.

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