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Refresh Your Bathroom’s Style With
A Tub-To-Tub Conversion
In Chula Vista, CA

We Can Deliver Stunning Results In As
Little As One To Two Days

Having a bathtub in your Chula Vista, CA, home can add convenience, luxury, and comfort to your daily routine. However, when the style is outdated, or the material is worn out, it can take away from the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic. At Shugarman’s Bath, we can help create the ideal bathroom with a fantastic tub-to-tub conversion.

Our bathtub remodel options come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in various styles, allowing you to perfectly match the rest of your bathroom. We also have gorgeous surround patterns and accessories to complete the new look you’re trying to achieve. Our products come from Bath Planet, making them durable and dependable.

These bathtubs are highly customizable and made of premium BP-Cor2 material reinforced with high-density spray foam. The combination ensures strength and reliability while it deadens sounds. We’ll deliver your new bathtub with showroom-quality results that perfectly complement the rest of your space.

We Do Things The Shugarman’s Way

At Shugarman’s Bath, we believe in doing things one way only – the right way. So we developed the Shugarman’s Way, a four-step process guaranteed to deliver the best results on every bathtub and shower remodel we complete in the San Diego area.

First, we’ll tear everything in your wet space down to the studs to find any underlying damage or plumbing issues that can’t be seen when the bath system is in place. We can’t build a reliable bath system unless we know there is a rock-solid foundation beneath it.

Second, if we find any damage or issues, we’ll fix it. We go the extra mile where many other bathtub remodel companies jump ship and cut corners.

Third, we’ll install premium materials for the foundation and support. To ensure your new bath system functions at top performance for life, we’ll replace and rebuild everything you can’t see beneath the surface.

Fourth, you’ll get our “never leak” system. Our system includes the best components available, creating a bath solution that doesn’t leak. We use all the right materials where other companies try to save money with the cheap stuff.

We Use Premium Materials You Can Count On For Life

In our dedication to providing only showroom-quality results, we’ve sought out and found premium products we can guarantee for life. Not only do they look great on the surface, but everything you can’t see is also made of superior quality to ensure the longevity of your new bath system.

Unlike the competition, we don’t use cheap, flimsy liners. We also refuse to use any product that is close to subpar – ours are quality tested. Our bath systems are of the highest quality and come from Bath Planet, which stands behind its materials with lifetime guarantees.

Our bathtubs are made from a unique BP-Cor2 material that’s thicker than the thin, brittle acrylic favored by other bathtub remodel companies. In addition, it’s non-porous and designed with Microban technology, making it extremely low-maintenance.

We reinforce our tubs with high-density spray foam to make them even stronger. This foam also creates a sound-deadening effect. We can also customize our tubs down to the half-inch, allowing you to fit yours into the oddest space in your Chula Vista, CA, home.

Choose A Company That Provides Proactive Communication

When you want a bathtub remodel experience where you’re always kept in the loop, choose the San Diego wet area specialists who focus on proactive communication. You’ll receive nothing but upfront, transparent, professional, and friendly communication from your quote to the installation.

When we provide an estimate, that’s the price you’ll pay. Nothing in the contract says we’ll tack on more charges if we find damage in your wet area. In fact, when we strip your space down to the studs, damage and plumbing issues we identify are included in the quoted price.

We’ll provide updates on your order so you always know where you are in the process. This includes when we place the custom order, when the materials arrive, and when we can schedule your appointment. If there’s a long lead time, we’ll remain in contact with you in the mean time so you know you’re not forgotten.

During your installation, you’ll be met with friendly installers who will consult with you to ensure your accessories are placed correctly for optimal comfort.

For A Fantastic Bathtub Remodel Experience
In Chula Vista, CA, Trust Shugarman’s Bath

If you enjoy having a bathtub but want to upgrade your style, choose the most reliable wet area specialist in Chula Vista, CA, for your bathtub remodel. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we combine premium products and precision workmanship to consistently deliver exceptional results you can count on for life.

Our team is dedicated to providing showroom-quality results that are built to last. In addition to stunning beauty that fully complements your bathroom’s style, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your bathtub is durable, dependable, and low-maintenance.

Call Shugarman’s Bath today at (619) 332–2220 to schedule a free quote.

We service Chula Vista, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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