The Cost Of Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion In Orange County

November 9, 2023

Understanding The Cost Of Your Tub-To-
Shower Conversion In Orange County

How To Budget For Your Tub-
To-Shower Conversion

A tub-to-shower conversion in Orange County is a great way to turn your bathroom into your ideal relaxing space. A new walk-in shower can make your bathroom’s layout feel brand new and allow you to be creative, matching your home’s aesthetic and unique needs.

You can choose from a variety of color choices, accessories, and wonderful features to make your shower perfect for your home. But, how much will your tub-to-shower conversion cost?

The short answer? It can vary. Here are some things to consider when budgeting for your dream tub and shower remodeling project.

The Average Cost Of A Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Over the years, homeowners have begun to turn to tub-to-shower conversions as a way to update their homes and transform their space.

The cost of this remodel can depend on an array of different factors since tub-to-shower conversions are highly customizable to meet every homeowner’s unique needs.

But, here at Shugarman’s Bath, our full tub-to-shower conversion system gives you the best bane for your buck with a stunning product that is sure to last.

The Size Of Your Tub To Shower Conversion

The size of your new shower and the tub it is replacing may impact the overall cost of your remodeling project. Bigger showers typically cost more because they use more materials.

Additionally, if your shower is larger than the area your tub was originally in, your remodelers may have to play around with your layout to make it just right. This includes a variety of different specialties and important steps.

If your shower needs to be moved, then your plumbing will have to be moved with it, and the layout of your bathroom may need to change.

Of course, your remodelers can help you decide what size shower is perfect for your room and budget. But it’s good to know that going larger often increases expenses before embarking on your project.

The Features Added During Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion

One of the most exciting parts about a tub-to-shower conversion is the opportunity to customize a shower that perfectly meets your needs. There are various features that homeowners in Orange County can add to their showers to make it perfect for them.

These may include things like the following:

  • Grab bars
  • Shower seats
  • Specialty doors
  • Built-in shelving
  • Multiple shower heads

Adding features to your shower is a wonderful way to ensure you will love it forever. But they can also come with an increase in the price tag of your tub and shower remodeling project.

However, the professionals will work with you to choose materials and features that fit your budget and that you will love for years. So it’s important to work closely with your remodelers and that they listen to your wants and needs intently, as well as your financial concerns.

Luckily, when you choose Shugarman’s Bath, you will work with a team that puts you first at every stage of your shower conversion from a tub and listens intently to everything you may want and need.

Financing Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion

A fantastic way to budget for your bathtub-to-shower conversion is to find a financing plan that meets your needs. This way, you don’t have to worry about spending a lump sum at once and can split your project into easily manageable payments that meet your needs.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we work with reputable financing companies to offer our customers a variety of financing plans to meet their needs.

Homeowners who qualify can choose a plan that helps them budget their project and help them get the shower of their dreams.

Meet With A Specialist To Budget For
Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion

The best way to determine the cost of your unique tub-to-shower conversion is to meet with a specialist. They can help you design your shower and walk you through the costs of every feature, the materials, and the installation.

All homeowners are unique, meaning all bathroom remodeling projects are unique, too. When you meet with a trained expert, you can get the full picture of what your custom tub-to-shower conversion will cost and how to design the perfect shower that meets your style, functional, and fiscal needs.

If you are interested in a stunning tub-to-shower conversion in Orange County, turn to the experts at Shugarman’s Bath for your free quote today.