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Ready For A Laguna Hills, CA Bathroom
Transformation? We Have The Solution

Our Top-Quality Products And Intricate Installations
Leave You With An Incredible Bathroom Remodel

Hiring an unknown Laguna Hills, CA bathroom contractor is often a shot in the dark – you never know what you’ll get. Most often than not, you end up with a company that offers inferior products and disappointing installations. However, sometimes you find just the right company, like Shugarman’s Bath.

At Shugarman’s Bath, our customers can sigh relief knowing they’ve hired a company that delivers on its promises and always gives you excellent customer care. From our durable, quality products and detailed installations to our customer communication and attention, we have it all.

Peruse our services to find the perfect fit for your Laguna Hills, CA bathroom and experience a different way of doing bathroom remodeling. 

Bathtub Remodeling

Our replacement bathtubs come in various styles, with over 20 gorgeous colors and patterns to choose from, along with hardware and accessory options. Our bath systems don’t only look great; they are high-quality and dependable, built to withstand daily wear and tear.

We’re proud to specialize in Bath Planet tubs for many reasons – they’re made of special BP-Cor2 material (15% durable rubber acrylic and 85% ABS). Then, they’re reinforced with high-density spray foam, making them even stronger and more dependable while also deadening sound.

Plus, they’re fully customizable, giving you precisely the tub you want. But what makes our products truly great, in addition to their long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, is their rock-solid Lifetime Warranty.

Shower Remodeling

Our shower systems transform your bathroom floor-to-ceiling, giving you a stunning and highly functional bathroom space. Our modern, high-quality shower systems focus on your needs, giving you custom fabrication and designs. They come in a large array of gorgeous wall patterns, colors, and stylish hardware options, giving you exactly what you want.

Plus, we can personalize your shower specifically to your needs, adding built-in seats, grab bars, personalized storage options, and shelving. We want to give you comfort and practicality when it comes to your shower because it’s the last one you’ll ever need!

Our showers are made of the same quality material our baths are – unique, high-tech BP-Cor2 material constructed to last for life. We also ensure a perfect fit when it comes to shower base sizes, accommodating odd floor shapes like rectangles, neo-angles, and even trapezoids.

Tub-To-Shower Conversions

You may not realize this, but you’re not stuck with the bathroom you moved into. Tub-to-shower conversions allow you to transform your bathroom from a cosmetic, impractical space to a room you can’t wait to get home to. Tub-to-shower conversions deliver head-turning beauty without sacrificing functionality.

Like our bath systems, our tub-to-shower conversions come in hundreds of styles and color options and are fully customizable, giving your bathroom the upgrade it needs. Plus, your new shower is designed to fit the existing space, creating less mess and hassle.

Our low-maintenance, easy-to-clean shower doors are stylish, customizable, and are made of extra-thick glass doors (1/4″ minimum) uniquely coated and treated. Our Bath Planet showers also have a fantastic new feature, no-water waste temperature control. Just set the temperature you prefer once, and then it’s ready to go every time you shower!

Walk-In Tubs

There’s no need to give up the luxuries we love just because our physical demands have changed. Our ​​UL-approved walk-in bathtubs are just what you need, giving you safety, comfort, and relaxation. Our UL-approval ensures the safety of your new tub through rigorous electrical and general product safety testing standards that few walk-in tubs have ever achieved.

Our walk-in tubs give you more than comfort and safety assurance; they provide a number of health benefits through their unique features. Our ten water jet hydrotherapy jet massages relax your entire body, while our 18 air spa jets give you a gentle air bubble therapy massage. Our color chromotherapy features also help to improve mood and enhance relaxation.

Plus, our walk-in tubs come in accommodating sizes to fit any bathroom. At less than 30″ on the outside with the largest inside openings, they can fit through 30″ doorways while still giving you ample room. Additionally, our tubs have six legs in the center portion of the tub instead of the usual four, preventing distortion, which can lead to leaks around the door.

What Makes Our Bathroom Remodels Different?

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t cut corners in our installations. Instead, we do it the Shugarman’s Way. We start all our installations by stripping your bathroom’s wet space down to the studs. Then we repair any underlying damage we find, including plumbing issues.

After repairing damage, we install our premium foundational and supportive materials to ensure your remodel gets the stability and strength needed for the rest of the rebuild. This includes many things you don’t see but are necessary for delivering on the promise of long-lasting durability.

Then, we include our 4-layer ‘never leak’ system, which involves a superior waterproof DensShield backer board, a new high-quality shower pan, installing inside corner strips, and our non-porous BP-Cor2 material. With our installation process, you’ll find nothing but dependability and peace of mind.

Choose A Laguna Hills, CA Company
That Delivers On Their Promises

Over our 30 years of bathroom remodeling experience, we’ve seen and learned a lot at Shugarman’s Bath, including practices that work and don’t work for our Laguna Hills, CA customers. This is why we’ve narrowed our stress-free process to four easy steps, ensuring our customers are always satisfied.

After your initial call, we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your project. Then you experience our no-pressure design consultation, where we listen to what you want and create a vision you love. After you settle on the specifics, we start custom-manufacturing your products. Lastly, your factory-trained and certified installation begins! 

Contact us today for a free quote on your next bathtub or shower renovation!

Get Your Project Done Right
The Shugarman’s Way!

If you’re getting ready to invest in bathroom remodeling and need wet area specialists (the most important part of your bathroom), don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’ll show you genuine-care service, give you as much time as you need, and answer all your questions.

See what it means to be treated The Shugarman’s Way. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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