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Need A Shower Or Bathtub Remodel For Your
Laguna Beach, CA Home?

Our Experienced Bathroom Remodeling Company
Is Ready And Waiting To Help!

Good bathroom remodeling contractors are hard to come by in Laguna Beach, CA – they either don’t show up or take your money and run. Fortunately, you can breathe easily because Shugarman’s Bath takes that worry away.

Not only will you find the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom, but you’ll also experience true home renovation professionalism. Whether you need to replace a bathtub, shower, or walk-in bath, we have everything you need to stay comfortable and happy in your home.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we offer many wet-bath services, each guaranteed for a lifetime. So browse our selection below and find something that works for you! 

Shower Remodeling

Our shower remodeling service is right for you if you want to create a space of pure relaxation and serenity. We customize a solution to fit your needs, so no matter what kind of bathroom you desire, we’ll help you achieve it! 

Our showers are made of premium BP-Cor2 material, the strongest woven polymers, giving you a dependable and long-lasting spa experience. Plus, our shower door glass is specially treated, making them easy to clean, maintain, and looking great for years. 

In addition, we build showers to fit just about any space, no matter the size of your bathroom. We also offer various shower style options and flooring shaped like rectangles, neo-angles, and even trapezoids, letting you personalize your shower specifically to your tastes.

Bathtub Remodeling

Our bathtub remodels work the same way as our shower remodels – with high-quality materials, customization, and detailed installation. Plus, we have over 20 stunning colors and an array of patterns and accessories to choose from, ensuring you’ll find something perfect for your bathroom.

Our bathtub installations start with a fully refurbished foundation because we want to start your project on solid ground. Then, we use our four-part “never leak” system, which adds four layers of protection against any leaking or water damage, keeping the walls behind your bathtub area moisture free.

We also handle every installation process professionally, laying down paper or plastic covering to keep the rest of your home clean. We know how annoying it is to pick up after a remodeling crew leaves your home – we’ll leave your home as sparkling clean as when we got there.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Often, tubs go unused for years, sitting idle and taking up valuable bathroom space. So, why not convert your tub into a functional, beautiful shower? The process is much easier than most people think and will leave your bathroom looking brand-new.

Besides the benefits of functionality, a tub-to-shower conversion frees up space in your bathroom that can be better used for storage or other needs. Plus, our shower pans are manufactured using high-density spray foam, adding more stability and long-lasting strength to your tub-to-shower conversion. 

As with our showers and bathtubs, our tub-to-shower conversion service allows you to customize your new shower however you want. We’ll adjust for size, style, and any other accessories you may need, like grab bars, shelves, and niches. 

Walk-In Tubs

We love our walk-in tubs at Shugarman Bath, and who wouldn’t? They offer several benefits, keeping you comfortable and safe no matter what age you are or what ailments you may have. 

Our needs change and evolve as we age, making it all the more important to find ease and safety. Our walk-in tubs are great for massaging sore muscles, easing aching joints, and promoting overall health and well-being.

Some of the fantastic perks of a walk-in tub include the following:

  • 10 water jets for hydrotherapy massage
  • 18 air spa gets for air bubble therapy 
  • Color chromotherapy 
  • Aromatherapy sachet bags 
  • Ozone therapy and purification aid

Why Should You Choose Us?

Simple. Our core values are what we’re most proud of and contribute to every part of our customer dealings, from the first time you call us to our follow-up quality control. Some of our competitors say they base their practices on values but fail to show them when the time comes.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we’re guided by quality, integrity, growth, and heart – four strong words that mean a lot to us. You’ll find nothing but quality in our installations and products, down to the most delicate details, and we always work with integrity, staying humble and honest through the whole process.

Our drive to constantly grow and learn fuels our minds and bodies, as we always push ourselves to do just a little better next time. Most importantly, our heart shows through our determination to always succeed at what we do. 

There’s A New Way To Remodel Your
Laguna Beach, CA Bathroom

At Shugarman’s Bath, we always put our Laguna Beach, CA customers first, listening to your needs and ensuring you get exactly what you want. Our communication is clear and concise, and you can trust our word. 

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we feel confident in the efficiency of our process, often finishing our projects within 1-2 days. Although we may have won an award or two, our genuine pride comes from our customer satisfaction

Contact us for a free quote on your next bathtub or shower renovation! 

Get Your Project Done Right
The Shugarman’s Way!

If you’re getting ready to invest in bathroom remodeling and need wet area specialists (the most important part of your bathroom), don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’ll show you genuine-care service, give you as much time as you need, and answer all your questions.

See what it means to be treated The Shugarman’s Way. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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