The Perfect Doors For Your Full Shower Remodeling Project In Costa Mesa

November 3, 2023

Beautiful Shower Door Trends For Full Shower Remodeling Services In Costa Mesa

Choose The Perfect Shower Doors To Complete Your Oasis

There is more to the perfect shower in your home than the right showerhead or high-quality material. When you customize your full shower remodeling project in Costa Mesa, you can choose doors that will make your shower shine. 

Whether you are looking for a more traditional look or a way to make your bathroom feel more modern, shower doors can make a massive difference in the style of your shower. 

Over the years, an array of styles have become increasingly popular, and the perfect door for you depends on your unique taste and what you want to get from your bathroom remodel. Here are a few shower door trends to consider during your bathroom shower remodel process.

Installing A Shower Glass Panel During Your Full Shower Remodel

Shower glass panels are a superb choice for homeowners seeking a more modern look for their bathroom in the Orange County Area.

The fixed panes of standing glass make your shower feel like a vital part of your bathroom’s layout and make your room feel more open and bright. Homeowners can frame their glass with various colors to match their bathroom’s aesthetic.

Whether you choose a simple black frame or a beautiful and bright gold frame, your fixed glass panel can help tie the room together while adding a unique touch to your bathroom’s aesthetic.

These shower door options are also an incredible way to make a smaller shower feel more open and larger. You will turn your shower from a small, simple space where you get clean into a luxury oasis to enjoy.

Beautiful Pivot Doors For Your Full Shower Remodel

Installing pivot doors in your new walk-in shower has many advantages. Pivot doors, which rest along the lines of a track, are incredibly flexible and make your shower doors easier to clean at all times.

They are unique, easy to open, and can add style to your shower.

You can always leave your doors open for a more expansive look or keep them closed to make your shower feel like a private area within your bathroom.

You can enclose your entire shower in glass to give it a traditional look and install beautiful door handles to make opening and shutting your door easy.

With pivot doors, there is no way for you to go wrong.

Get More Privacy By Installing Textured Doors During Your Full Shower Remodel

Over the years, people have come to love textured doors for their walk-in showers, and it’s not hard to see why.

Textured doors are an excellent way to make your shower feel more private. Whether you add a simple frost pattern or a beautiful and intricate design, your doors will surely make your new shower shine.

This option brings an exciting design element to your stunning bathroom and can make your shower feel like your own private getaway. Say goodbye to staring at your toilet during your relaxing shower and say hello to a completely enclosed experience that makes your shower feel like your own personal spa.

Textured doors offer an excellent opportunity for you to tap into your creative side and design doors that match your unique style and always complement your decor. 

Your Full Shower Remodel Doesn’t Need Doors

One of the more unique door trends? Not having doors at all! When your walk-in shower is installed perfectly into your Costa Mesa home and designed precisely, you don’t have to add doors.

Instead, your shower can be built to ensure that no stray water finds its way into the rest of your bathroom, eliminating the need for doors from a functional perspective.

Without doors, your shower will feel like a more open space and a part of your bathroom.

Installing a shower without a door can make it easier to clean and give your bathroom a more modern look. Enjoy an open living space and a shower that is accessible and unique to your needs. 

If you are interested in full shower remodeling services in Costa Mesa, reach out to the experts at Shugarman’s Bath for your free quote today.