Get Full Showering Remodeling To Transform Your Space In Costa Mesa

October 31, 2023

Transformative Full Shower Remodeling For Homeowners In Costa Mesa

Get A New Look For Your Orange County Area Bathroom

Do you feel your home is missing something or letting you down somewhere? A full shower remodel in Costa Mesa with Shugarman’s Bath can give you a transformation that exceeds your expectations and provides a new outlook on your space.

During your shower remodel, you can completely change the look of your bathroom to get a stunning new walk-in shower that meets your every need. Nothing is better than a shower with a style you love with all the features you’ve always dreamed of.

When you choose Shugarman’s Bath, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Many homeowners wonder how our full shower remodels work. Can they keep some of their old features, like tiles?

Theoretically, yes. You can get a new shower without replacing your original tiles. But here at Shugarman’s Bath, we prefer to completely alter your shower and install all new products. Here’s why we believe a full shower remodel is the only way to go.

Address Underlying Issues With Full Shower Remodeling

Shugarman’s Bath doesn’t believe in doing bathroom remodeling projects that provide simple repairs or “band-aid” fixes. Instead, we opt to tear everything down to the studs before installing a new walk-in shower that you will love.

Why do we do this? Well, many homeowners may have issues lying beneath their shower that they aren’t aware of. For example, water damage could impact your foundation, and there could be issues with plumbing or termites.

If you don’t tear everything down to the studs before installing new products, then you won’t be able to catch these issues. In turn, this could wreak havoc on your new products, causing them to be less durable and making you spend more money to fix the problems in the future.

So, while you may love your original tile, we recommend that you start from the beginning to ensure that your new walk-in shower is beautiful and guaranteed to last for years.

Get Easy To Maintain Products With Full Shower Remodeling

One of the best parts of completing a full shower remodeling project is getting new products that are easier to maintain than what you had before. Old tile often requires a vast amount of maintenance to keep up with.

Homeowners must be diligent about cleaning between the grooves and ensuring that their style remains soap and debris-free at all times. If not, they may notice some issues with their tile moving or even falling off their walls.

But, with Shugarman’s Bath’s exceptional materials, you’ll have a new shower that requires minimal maintenance. This ensures that it stays beautiful for years and gives you back your free time.

Instead of spending your time scrubbing tile, you can take that time to enjoy a nice steam in the shower. You could even add a shower seat for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Our superior BP-Cor2 material is built to be self-disinfecting and highly resistant to bacteria. Plus, as an added bonus, it can be custom-designed to look like the tile of your dreams. 

Customize Your Bathroom With Full Shower Remodeling

While you may believe you love your original tile, there is always something better on the market. Our incredible materials are custom-made to fit your dream aesthetic.

When you turn to us for a shower remodel, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Our team of designers is dedicated to giving you the shower you’ve always wanted, including the wall surrounds you never knew you needed. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, all of our showers are custom-made to fit into your layout with precision and exceed your expectations. 

So, while other remodeling companies may try to sell you on keeping your original tile, we work with you to give you your dream shower and address any underlying issues plaguing your wet area. 

In short, we’re the wet area remodeling specialists that you can trust to get the job done right. We don’t cut corners. We never provide inferior products. Instead, we give you exactly what you are looking for with a material guaranteed to last for life

If you are interested in full shower remodeling services in Costa Mesa, contact the experts at Shugarman’s Bath for your free quote today.