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The Shugarman’s Bath Story

Learn More About Our Family-Run
San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Company

Like many other great American companies, Shugarman’s Bath was started by a hard-working father and his sons.

We launched intending to change the San Diego bathroom remodeling industry for the better – to be a company that TRULY cares about people. And because we’re all so familiar with the pains a lack of communication can cause, we sought to solve this major issue people run into (among others) with home improvement projects.

In the beginning, we loved and fantasized about how fun it was to “Have an owner on the phone”, helping you design the space, and walking through the step-by-step process shoulder to shoulder with you. As it turned out, this commitment to superior service got us noticed rather quickly!

Referrals began streaming in and we started collecting stellar 5-star reviews.

More Context Around Our Founding

Jeff Shugarman was a contractor in Ohio building about 120 homes per year at his peak. He had three sons (Rick, Chase, and Casey), and made a great parental promise:

“If you get good grades in high school you can go to any college you want!”

Rick graduated from Vanderbilt, out in Tennessee. Chase and Casey got great grades and wanted to go to college in California. Dad was making a lot of money when he made that promise, but when it came time to pay up, the crash of 2008 came along and did a number on Ohio’s home-building market… along with the rest of the country for that matter.

“I went from building 130 houses a year to zero, which is where my bank account ended up.”

But, Jeff wanted to keep his promise to his boys, so he told them if they wanted to go to college in California the family would need to move out there and get in-state tuition. And that’s exactly what they did: moved to California and lived on a boat. The boys graduated from High School, Chase graduated from UC Berkeley, and Casey from UC Davis.

While all that was going on, Jeff re-established his license in California. When the boys graduated from college, he asked them if they were all going their separate ways or would they like to start their own family business?

They all said, “Let’s start our own business!” and that’s how Shugarman’s Bath got started. We’re now San Diego’s premier wet area specialists.

The Fantasy Grew Bigger Than We Imagined!

Suddenly we needed more hands on deck to deal with a surge in projects. So, we decided the best thing to do to serve San Diego County was to build a larger team of people who shared our core values. That way, it didn’t matter if it was an owner or another member taking care of customers, as long as they were properly trained in our process and held a firm belief in our customer-first approach.

This helped grow the company into what it is today, with a fantastic team, a great presence here in San Diego, and hundreds of reviews we’re proud of. Our desire to bend over backward for people has been a huge success!

We Are A Family-Run Company. We Listen. We Care.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

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