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Increase Your Accessibility With Step-Thru
Bathtub Inserts In Mission Valley, CA

Shugarman’s Bath Can Easily Make Your
Current Bathtub Walk-In Ready

Do you love your current bathtub but need more accessibility in your Mission Valley, CA, home? Shugarman’s Bath has the solution you need! We offer step-thru bathtub inserts that allow you to keep your current bathtub while adding ease of entry when stepping into your tub.

When you choose a step-thru insert installation from our experts, we won’t need to demo your entire bathtub. This process is a fantastic option for a quick and affordable solution to getting a setup similar to a walk-in shower for your bathroom.

The best part is that our step-thru inserts for bathtubs can be installed on almost any type of existing bathtub. Whether you have a fiberglass, steel, or cast iron tub, we can quickly and efficiently make your bathtub safer for family members with mobility issues.

Our Core Values Always Place Our Customers First

We aren’t a cold and volume-based company. Instead, we put our customers first, ensuring they’re well taken care of on every project we complete. We do this by adhering to our customer-first core values.

We guarantee quality by providing a down-to-the-studs approach that guarantees a solid foundation on every tub and shower we install. We use the best materials, including on our step-thru bathtub projects. Whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction is exactly what we’ll do.

Integrity means always doing what you say you’re going to do. It also means doing what’s right, even if it’s a hard or unpopular choice. When we make a promise, we deliver. We also strive to do the right thing every step of the way, even when no one is looking.

We always find the opportunity in a challenge. It’s how we pursue growth. It’s our commitment to moving forward. It’s how we improve as individuals and as a team of wet area specialists.

Heart is what ties everything together. It ensures we do what’s right all the time while delivering showroom-quality results to every customer. It’s our care and dedication that we put into every project.

We Won’t Settle For Anything But The Best Materials

Other bathroom remodeling companies are satisfied with using cheap, flimsy liners on their projects. They don’t mind using subpar acrylic and fiberglass products. Installing low-grade bath and shower systems helps them cut corners and save money.

We couldn’t imagine doing any of that here at Shugarman’s Bath. Instead, we use a line of premium products, including our bathtub step-thru inserts. What’s so special about our products and materials?

  • They’re quality tested.
  • They’re backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
  • They come from Bath Planet with a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you want a wet area remodel that will last, choose the San Diego company that only uses the best materials, including the ones you can’t see beneath the surface.

Shugarman’s Bath Offers Open Communication

When your wet area is remodeled, it doesn’t matter if you’re installing a new shower or a step-thru bathtub insert – you want open communication with your specialist. Not knowing what project phase you’re at can be highly frustrating.

We’re the Mission Valley, CA, wet area specialists that provide the best communication with our customers. We proactively keep you informed, from transparency in our prices to partnering with you to ensure your accessories are placed just right.

In addition, if you have questions or concerns at any time, we’ll stop and address them with complete attentiveness. We genuinely listen when you speak to us, providing the answers you need.

Premium Step-Thru Bathtub Inserts Installed By
Shugarman’s Bath In Mission Valley, CA

Do you need a walk-in shower in your Mission Valley, CA, home but don’t want to deal with a full remodel? Consider a step-thru bathtub insert from Shugarman’s Bath.

We can typically complete this project in just a day, making your tub much more accessible and safer for those family members with mobility issues. In addition, with our premium materials and precision workmanship, you’re guaranteed quality results.

Call us today at (619) 332–2220 to schedule your free quote.

We service Mission Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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