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Customized Full Shower Remodeling In
Mission Valley, CA

Let Shugarman’s Bath Install A Stunning
New Shower System You’ll Love

Do you want more function and style from the shower in your Mission Valley, CA, home? Shugarman’s Bath is the San Diego area’s leading wet area specialist, providing exceptional, fully customized full shower remodeling that completely transforms your bathroom experience. We have plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas to turn your bathroom into a work of art.

We offer many gorgeous wall patterns and colors with stylish accents for your bathroom remodel. Our team can help you create the perfect combination that matches the rest of your bathroom.

When we’re done transforming your wet area, you’ll have a showroom-quality shower that you’ll love forever.

Our full shower remodeling is completed with a high-tech BP-Cor2 material that is uniquely constructed and will last for life. It’s effortless to maintain, making cleaning a breeze. You can have the shower you’ve always dreamed of with minimal fuss, as we can generally complete a project in one to two days.

We Put Our Customers First, Always

Many one-day shower remodeling companies are cold and corporate-based, aiming to complete as many projects as possible, in as little time as possible. At Shugarman’s Bath, we do things differently because we care about our customers and their experiences. We adhere to our core values and beliefs that put our customers first, where they’re meant to be.

We’re committed to providing quality to our customers through our dedication to a down-to-the-studs approach to wet area remodeling. More than just providing an exceptional walk-in shower, we aim to give our customers a stellar overall experience no matter what it takes.

Integrity is essential in our daily practices – doing what’s right is non-negotiable. We try to do the right thing even when it’s a hard choice, and especially when no one is looking.

While we don’t expect something to go wrong, we will own our mistakes, no questions asked, and we will promptly fix the problem.

There’s always room for improvement, as individuals and as a professional team. That’s why our entire company is passionate about growth.

We welcome challenges as an opportunity to improve and advance to help our San Diego area clients better.

Finally, heart is at the center of everything – it holds all our ideals and beliefs together. The power of heart drives our business and is the reason we always do the right thing.

You’ll Never Get Left In The Dark With Shugarman’s Bath

There’s nothing worse than hiring a bathroom shower remodel company to complete your project and being left in the dark, not knowing what’s happening in your own home. That’s why we practice proactive communication with all our Mission Valley, CA, customers to ensure they know the status of their project at all times.

It starts with the price we give you. Unlike other companies, this price is the price. You don’t have to worry about it suddenly increasing later. There’s nothing in your contract that says we will add extra fees.

You’ll also receive helpful updates as your project progresses. You won’t wait weeks wondering if your project will ever get started because you’ll know when we order your materials and when they arrive, allowing us to schedule your installation.

You’ll be treated to polite and informative communication with your crew when we’re on the job. We must have your input on where essential features like your grab bar will go.

We Take Pride In The Premium Materials We Use

All our full shower remodeling projects in the San Diego area have one thing in common: premium quality materials. Our materials are all quality tested and proven to last, including the parts you can’t see below the surface.

Our products also come with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and are lifetime-guaranteed materials from Bath Planet.

Other companies use brittle acrylic that’s prone to cracking. They rely on cheap, flimsy liners and install subpar shower systems.

So, when searching for shower remodeling in Mission Valley, CA, consider the quality of the materials you’ll get before you sign that contract.

Trust Shugarman’s Bath For A Premium Full Shower
Remodeling Experience In Mission Valley, CA

If you’ve decided to complete a full shower remodel in your Mission Valley, CA, home, turn to the company you can trust to do the job right. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we get down to the studs to ensure your new shower has the best foundation to last for life.

We match our premium products with great attention to detail to ensure you get exceptional quality results.

Call us today at (619) 332–2220 to schedule your free quote.

We service Mission Valley, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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