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Quick, Efficient, And Beautiful Bathtub
Remodeling In Laguna Niguel, CA

Get A Lifetime Guaranteed Refresh Of Your
Bathtub From Shugarman’s Bath

Having a tub in your Laguna Niguel, CA, home can be a fantastic source of relaxation after a long day at work. However, if your tub is outdated or doesn’t match the style of your bathroom, it could be a great time to refresh it with bathtub remodeling from Shugarman’s Bath. We offer exceptional services that are guaranteed to please.

Our designers will listen intently to all your needs, shaping your new bath enclosure into precisely what you want. We’ll deliver the highest-quality bathtub remodeling experience you could ask for, from our deliberate attention to the details to our focus on only using premium products.

We offer our Orange County customers lifetime-guaranteed bathtub replacements in various styles and colors. You’ll find the ideal match for the rest of your bathroom. In addition, you won’t have to worry about a thing as our installation will ensure you have a quality bath system that performs well for life.

You Can Count On Quality Bathtub Remodeling
Because We Do Things The Shugarman’s Way

When you choose Shugarman’s Bath for a bathtub remodel, you can count on the highest level of quality because we do things the right way – or as we like to call them, the Shugarman’s Way. We’ve designed a four-step remodeling process guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Step One: We’ll strip your wet area down to the studs to find damage or plumbing issues. We don’t cover up issues – we fix them. This is crucial to completing the installation perfectly from the ground up.

Step Two: We’ll methodically repair all damage and plumbing issues we find. This includes rotted studs, moisture damage, leveling the walls and floor, and solidifying the foundation. A low-quality bathtub remodel service will let you down at this step by cutting corners and not fixing these issues.

Step Three:Our highly qualified, family-selected installers will change your p-trap, shower valve, and backer board, using only the best materials available. Everything you can’t see will be rebuilt to ensure what you can see performs well for life.

Step Four: We deliver all our Laguna Niguel, CA, customers a never-leak system. This includes using a superior backer board, a high-quality shower pan, inside corner strips, and our unique, non-porous BP-Cor2 material.

We Won’t Settle For Anything But The Best
Materials For Your Bathtub’s New Look

Many bathtub remodel companies rely on cheap, flimsy materials that will let you down in a matter of a few short years. You might not even be done paying for the remodel by the time you need another bathtub replacement!

At Shugarman’s Bath, we believe in providing premium products in every installation we complete. This means no thin or brittle acrylic or fiberglass materials, no flimsy liners, and above all, no low-quality bath systems that you can’t count on.

These products are quality tested and come with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. In addition, we source our bath systems from Bath Planet. This company believes in its products and backs them with a lifetime guarantee.

Our bathtubs are made from a unique BP-Cor2 material that’s designed to be non-porous. It also has Microban technology. This combination makes it exceptionally easy to maintain and keeps it looking great for life. It’s thicker than the alternatives, especially when combined with our premium backer board.

We also reinforce our tubs with high-density spray foam. This foam makes the tubs sound-deadening, customizable to the half-inch, and easily matched to the shower walls.

Precision Workmanship Is Guaranteed On
Every Bathtub Remodeling Installation

Offering quality materials is one thing; knowing how to install them is another. If we didn’t provide an exceptional installation with every premium bathtub, it wouldn’t last. That’s why our team of installers always focuses on precision workmanship.

We have a dedication to delivering showroom-quality results to our Orange County customers. But it’s more than that – we are committed to doing the job right. Every member of our team wants to provide you with the best bathroom remodeling experience that ends with you getting the wet area transformation of your dreams.

That’s why we follow the Shugarman’s Way when completing a bathtub remodeling project, fixing damage and issues they find. We want you to have the best results we can guarantee for life.

On top of that, we’ll provide you with the best communication. You’ll receive project updates and clear and transparent pricing and contracts. We’ll also ask for your input when installing all your essential accessories.

Trust Shugarman’s Bath For An Out-Of-This-World
Bathtub Remodeling Experience In Laguna Niguel

Don’t turn to just any company for bathtub remodeling in Laguna Niguel, CA – rely on a company you can trust. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we don’t just deliver showroom-quality results – we deliver the total package when it comes to the customer experience.

We don’t want you to just be happy with your new bathtub – we want you to be ecstatic that you chose us for your wet area remodeling needs. Our team will go above and beyond to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Call Shugarman’s Bath today at (619) 332–2220 to schedule a free quote.

We service Laguna Niguel, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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