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Easy And Stylish Step-Thru Bathtub Inserts
For Homeowners In Escondido

No Demolition Needed To
Transform Your Bathtub

When homeowners in Escondido are looking to transform their bath and shower to a safer, more accessible space but don’t want to go through the process of a full tear-out or demolition, installing step-thru bathtub inserts can be a wonderful solution.

When you turn to Shugarman’s Bath for your step-thru bathtub, we can have your insert installed quickly and without stress to you. We use nothing but the best materials for our products and put our customer’s needs first every single time.

Shugarman’s Bath products come with an extraordinary lifetime guarantee that gives you peace of mind that both your materials and labor are protected. We treat you like family, and our family deserves the best.

Step-Thru Bathtub Inserts To Meet Your Needs

White step-thru bathtub in a room with a striped wall surround

Step-Thru Bathtub Inserts

Step-thru tub inserts are a low-stress, no-hassle way to add an extra level of safety and accessibility to your home. In most cases, these inserts can be installed within a single day, leaving you with a new bathtub that works for the whole family and any guests you may have.

Shugarman’s Bath remains committed to providing our customers in the San Diego area with products that are made from the highest-quality materials, and inserts are no exception.

You can choose materials that perfectly match your existing tub for a seamless transition, and rest assured that the premium materials will stand the test of time.

In as little as just one day, you will be provided with a new insert that is mere inches off the floor and wide enough for no-stress usage for all family members.

White bathtub with step-thru insert and a white backsplash

We Strive For Perfection In The San Diego Area

Delivering A High-Quality Experience
By Following Our Core Values

Following Core Values

Shugarman’s Bath follows our core values of integrity, growth, heart, and quality at all times. We are determined to give our community only the best service possible and work with a carefully crafted team of passionate professionals to ensure that we can do just that.

We put our customers first and treat them like our very own family. We take pride in our process and fantastic team and work to constantly evolve to become better and better.

Precise Attention To Detail

We are committed to providing showroom-quality results to the people in the community who come to us for bathroom remodeling projects. That’s why we work with precise attention to detail and extensive quality control, ensuring every project is done not just right but perfectly.


You will never feel stressed about whether or not you can trust the work of Shugarman’s Bath. We work diligently to keep you in the loop so that you always know what is happening with your project.

We never pressure homeowners to do anything to their Escondido homes that they don’t want to do, and we have exceptionally high standards with every project we complete.

When you come to Shugarman’s Bath, you can rest easy knowing that we will always fulfill our promises– we care that you are 100% satisfied with your results.

Excellent Communication

Shugarman’s Bath believes that superb communication is vital to your shower remodel’s overall success. We practice active listening to ensure we get every detail of your remodel correct. We will keep you updated on your full shower remodeling project’s process and ensure you are satisfied with the progress and experience.

Exceptional Reviews About Our Step-Thru Inserts

Our 5-Star Reviews From Our Neighbors

  • Tanya
    “Shugarman’s Bath… more like “Zen” Bath. They promised a low-stress process and then very pleasantly surprised me, delivering the easiest home remodeling project I’ve ever done. The installers, Mike and Casey, took particular care to cover and protect my home so no dust went outside of the bathroom area. They checked in with me routinely, keeping me involved so I always felt confident with the progress that was being made. At the end of the job, they cleaned up meticulously, leaving nothing that I had to clean up after them…”
  • Becky
    “By far the best service and work ever. Shane, the lead service tech, was so professional. From the moment they arrive on site, your home is treated with such care, and you almost don’t even know they’ve been there, EVEN WHILE they work there! And when they leave, your home looks like no one was ever there. The product itself is also amazing. And they are superior in terms of quality, service, and reliability.”
  • Matson
    “Shugarman’s delivered what they promised – a timely, professional, and quality job by a couple of installers that were very courteous and respectful to us and our home. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Commonly Asked Step-Thru Tub Insert Questions

Q: Where Can I See Pictures Of Your Step-Thru Inserts?

A: If you are looking to add a step-thru bathtub insert to your tub and want to see past examples, you can find pictures by visiting our Step-Thru Inserts Gallery page on our website.

Q: Do You Have Warranties For Your Step-Thru Inserts?

A: We offer incredible lifetime warranties that protect both your materials and the installation for life! With our lifetime guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your bathroom products are protected.

Q: Can You Do Other ADA-Compliant Remodels?

A: Yes! In addition to offering step-thru bathtub inserts, we can also provide other ADA-compliant accessories like grab bars.

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