You Don’t Have To Fear “Change Orders” From Shugarman’s

March 29, 2024

How We Keep Change Orders To A Minimum

Surprise Changes To Your Quote Won’t
Happen At Shugarman’s Bath

In our book, most change orders shouldn’t happen.

Now, we’re not saying that other San Diego bath remodelers aren’t honest. Maybe their intentions are honest.

But we ARE saying that they have a reputation for changing your quote right before your project starts or AFTER the project has already started. This means you pay MORE than the bottom-line price you see on your estimate.

And that’s not right. In fact, it’s borderline dishonest because we don’t feel you should have to pay more.

With Shugarman’s Bath, we can all but guarantee you won’t pay more than what you’re quoted. In fact, approximately 97-98% of the bath remodels we do don’t involve ANY change orders once there’s a contract in place (unless the change order is prompted by the customer).

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Surprise Change Orders Should Be Incredibly Rare,
And They ARE Rare At Shugarman’s Bath

The bath remodeler should anticipate some level of chaos when they pull the old shower or tub out. But they don’t… they act surprised every time they find leaky plumbing or rotted wood. Then they charge you MORE to fix it.

But the difference here is we (in almost every case) don’t charge you for those additional costs, whereas another bath remodeler likely will. Instead, we eat the costs ourselves… and your quote won’t change if we discover any of the following after the project starts:

  • Mold
  • Dry rot
  • Stud damage
  • Subfloor leveling
  • Subfloor damage
  • Damaged or leaking plumbing
  • Hidden electrical that needs to be moved
  • Termite damage (extermination is not covered)

You can count on us to remain 100% honest and HONOR this commitment to you. However, being honest also means being clear about our exclusions.

In essence, we don’t cover costs that are beyond our specialty. That is to say, we don’t cover costs associated with extermination, painting, clearing clogged drains, or repairing water heaters. For more information, check out our Shugarman’s Guarantee.

Not Only Does Your Price Not Change, But
We Also Back Our Work… FOR LIFE

We’re not afraid of our lifetime guarantee. And our lifetime guarantee means you don’t pay the restoration costs for any concerns due to the materials or the installation. And this offer is valid for the entire time you own your home. This offer is good for showers, bathtubs, AND walk-in tubs.

More than that, we’ll come and re-silicone the entire bath area if there are any silicone-related issues in the first five years.

So, not only will you pay the price on your quote (and not a cent more), but you also won’t have any “after the fact” expenses that you shouldn’t have.

Ultimately, this leads to an INCREDIBLE value that you won’t find anywhere else. Although we aren’t the cheapest company upfront, you won’t find a better long-term value than what we provide.

Do you want an honest bath remodeler who provides quotes that don’t change? Well, you’re in luck. At Shugarman’s Bath, we ensure the price you see is the price you pay. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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