Why You Want Your Bath Installers To Be Employees — NOT Subcontractors

March 31, 2023

3 Reasons Our Bath Installers Are Actual W-2 Employees… Not Subcontractors

If You Want The Best Installation — And The Best Experience —
Employees Make ALL The Difference.

When you think of shower and bath contractors in the San Diego area, do you picture high ethics and careful work? We sure do.

And to ensure that we never let you down, we refuse to use subcontractors in all but one area: custom glass. While many use subcontractors to control costs, we only use them when it involves true artistry that even our installers can’t match.

But when it comes to the wet areas of your bathroom, excellence needs to be your starting point if you don’t want major problems down the road.

With our crew of highly-trained, W-2-employed installers, we ensure that you will get only the best service – and remodels that we can confidently back for the rest of your life.

We Treat Each Home As Though It Were Our Mother’s

When we enter a home in the San Diego area, we understand that we are accepting a high level of trust. We’d never send a stranger to our mother’s home, so why would we send one to yours?

Well, we wouldn’t.

Our installers go through background and drug checks before they come on board. And during the interview process, we look for decency over skill. You see, we can give them the skills, but we can’t train them to be kind.

And if we send a person to anyone’s home, we simply must be confident that they care not just about their work but who they’re working for – you.

This policy goes beyond altruism. We know that if you have a bad experience, it won’t matter how nice your new shower looks – you’ll just remember the rude installer.

We Teach Them The Right Way To Install New Tubs And Showers – The Shugarman’s WAY!

At Shugarman’s, we expect our work to last a lifetime, and that takes some serious training. We do far more than just slap plastic over crumbling tiles and chipped tubs. Our job is about more than just the look of your bath or shower. We want it to function correctly, too.

So, we take your wet area down to the studs before we do anything else. Then, we inspect those studs, joists, and plumbing fixtures for any signs of trouble.

For any of that to be helpful, our installers need to know more than how to install our exclusive wall systems. They need to know how to spot poorly designed or failing plumbing, how to spot wood rot, and how to repair every issue they find between the studs.

So, before an installer is allowed to work on their own, they go through a rigorous training schedule. And when they’re done with that, they must first spend time accompanying a senior installer until they are truly ready to fly solo.

True Wet Area Remodeling Professionals

Our installation pros believe fully in our core values and are invested in ensuring each new bath or shower is as close to perfect as possible. We even publicly post every five- star review we get, so our installers know when they’ve truly satisfied their customers.

And thanks to our focus on training, those five-star reviews keep on coming.

Whether it’s poorly designed plumbing, rotten wood, or uneven joists, our installers have seen it many times while training in the field. If they find issues after the tear-down is complete, they know what to do. 

Step 1 thru 100 on every bath or shower installation is to ensure every detail is handled properly, even when it means extra work. If there’s the slightest concern about the reliability of any original wet area installation, our installers take the steps needed to ensure your new bath or shower will never let you down.

And when your installers are true, long-term employees, accountability just comes with the territory. But it’s more than that. Our workers crave success in every remodeling project. They take pride in their work and pride in their company.

If you feel it’s time to add new life to the bath or shower in your San Diego home, and you want it handled by a true professional, contact us at Shugarman’s Bath for a free quote.

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