Why We Implement An IN-HOUSE Training Program

April 2, 2024

Our Commitment To Training Ensures Top-Notch Installers

How Do We Keep Getting Better And Better?
Training, Training, And MORE Training

People always ask us: “How do you find such incredible bath installers?” Well, as you might’ve guessed, it starts with who we hire. We hire genuinely GOOD people who pass background checks and have great references… but it’s more than that.

It’s also about the way we train our employees. Although we hire fully qualified people, we don’t expect them to be experts on day one – that wouldn’t be fair to our installers. Instead, we train our installers and give them time to grow.

Because the simple fact is just hiring stand-up people with bath remodeling experience in San Diego isn’t enough. If they aren’t properly trained to work within OUR company, then they may be ill-prepared to install YOUR bath.

We wouldn’t put our workers in that situation, and we DEFINITELY wouldn’t put you in that situation, either.

So, at Shugarman’s Bath, we train our employees… REALLY well.

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Top-Notch Installs Begin With WHO We hire

First things first, we have to hire the right people. Of course, this means we don’t hire too many rookies. Most of our installers already have years of industry-relevant experience. And if we do hire a newer remodeler… you can bet there’s something truly special about them.

Because here’s the thing… talent only takes you so far. You must have a willingness to learn and a passion for doing things the RIGHT way (even when no one watches) to work at Shugarman’s Bath. And all of our installers have the utmost integrity and believe deeply in our customer-first core values.

Our (Not-So) Secret To Success? Our
In-House Apprenticeship Program

Would you rather us practice our craft in our warehouse or in your home? Easy answer: our warehouse, of course. The problem is many other bath remodelers practice in the home… on the job. So, if they make a mistake, it sticks. There’s no going back, and they may even try to make you pay for the mistake.

Well, our apprenticeship program helps ensure flawless bath installs EVERY TIME. We have an on-site training center where we train some of the BEST installers you’ll find. And only when our installers are better than the best of the best will we send them to your home for your install.

“Development Days” Keeps The Mistakes Away

If you’re not growing and getting better, you’re getting worse. That’s how we view real progress at Shugarman’s Bath. In-field experience is incredibly valuable, but true growth happens when you work “in the lab.”

So, we have what we call “development days.” We pause everything, and we learn how we can improve.

During these days, we fine-tune our skills and LEARN from other departments and team members. As a result, we grow. So, when we come to YOUR home and service YOUR bathroom, we know we’re bringing our A+ game.

Our Reviews Reflect Our Commitment To Quality

“Okay… but doesn’t everyone say they have the BEST installers?” If you’re thinking this, then you know how to ask the right questions! And the answer is yes, they do make this promise. They may even believe they have the best installers. So, here’s the question you should ask next: “Where is the social proof?”

Do they have the reviews, case studies, and references to BACK UP their claim that their installers are the best?

At Shurgman’s Bath, you need not look any further than our reviews and customer stories to see our installers are as good as it gets. Here are a few key reviews that allude to how genuinely awesome and prepared our bath installers are:

  • “Excellent Service! The installers: Ryan and Bob were very professional, courteous, and respectful and they did a great job! From start to finish with Marty as our salesperson and to Ryan and Bob as the installers, we are very pleased and satisfied with the results. Thank you guys!” – Jessica C.
  • “We chose Shugarman’s Bath, and Chreen and Kristen were amazing. They both were efficient, professional, and courteous. Always taking the time to explain what they were doing and answering all of the numerous questions we had. Highly recommend this duo.” – Nancy M.
  • “This company has great workers! I just had my shower redone, and it looks great. And both Chewy and his helper were thoughtful, with great attention to detail. Highly recommend! I also had a visit from Jesus today to check on a question about my plumbing and the new install, and he went above and beyond to give great service!” – Heather F.

If you want a top-notch bath remodel from experienced and well-trained installers in San Diego, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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