Why We Don’t Fear Our LIFETIME Warranty

March 22, 2024

Issues After Installation? No Problem. We’ll Fix It… For FREE!

Our Lifetime Warranty Ensures You Never Pay For
Material Or Labor Problems After Installation

Many bath remodeling companies in San Diego fill their warranties with fine print, exclusions, and loopholes. And if you try to use the warranty? They’ll look for a way to frame your issue as your fault. Because here’s the thing… they don’t want to come back and fix your issues for free.

In other words, they’re afraid of having to use their warranty.

Well, we don’t fear our lifetime warranty. And there are no loopholes or fine print that’ll keep you from using it.

As a result, you’re financially protected against defects in materials or workmanship for as long as you own the home where the product is installed. We cover the sealing as well, provided you allow us to inspect and maintain the seals every five years.

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Superior Materials + Precision Workmanship
= A Bath That Lasts A LIFETIME

Your bathtub is only as good as its materials. Subpar materials = a subpar bathtub. The good news? The materials we use are top-of-the-line. We partner with Bath Planet. And Bath Planet makes grade-A+ materials.

And we ENSURE your materials are nothing short of jaw-dropping spectacular by performing a quality test on each and every one. More than that, all Bath Planet products we install come with the Good Housekeeping’s seal of approval.

Superior materials are a BIG part of the quality equation. But it’s not the entire equation. You also need precision workmanship. And without it? The equation doesn’t work, and your bath may not stand the test of time.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we complete the entire equation… superior materials + precision workmanship = your superior bath system.

So, how do we ensure incredible workmanship on every bath we install? Well, we’re a family company that takes pride in the work we do.

We address all underlying issues to ensure you won’t have any unresolved issues that come up after installation. And we can fix your subfloor, reinforce or replace rotted studs, and handle wet area-specific plumbing issues.

In other words, where others might rush your project, we take the time to do things the RIGHT WAY. It creates more work for us, increases OUR expenses, and makes us have to put in more hours to finish your project on time, but we do whatever it takes to ensure your bath lasts for a lifetime. And, as a result, we’re not afraid to offer a LIFETIME warranty.

Our Core Values Leave Us No Choice… A Lifetime
Warranty Is The RIGHT Thing To Do

We have deeply rooted customer-first core values. These core values are the primary reason we have such a high standard for quality. And it’s another reason we’re not afraid to offer a lifetime warranty. After all, how can we say we’re about quality, integrity, growth, and heart if we don’t SHOW it on every project?

So, we do show it… on EVERY project.

We perform quality work that we guarantee will last for a lifetime. In the rare instance that something does go wrong with the material or workmanship, we fix it quickly. And we don’t charge you a penny. Because, frankly, anything short of this would be in direct violation of the values we hold so dearly.

See What Our CLIENTS Say About Our Lifetime Warranty

Frankly, you shouldn’t trust any “lifetime warranty” if the company can’t SHOW that they always honor it no matter what.

And since we stand so strongly behind our lifetime warranty, you can bet that it shows up in our reviews. Here are a few reviews from previous customers that allude to our strong commitment to your lifetime warranty:

  • “Shugarman’s is amazing. Our new bathtub wasn’t draining properly, so I called and they sent Jesus to come out and help. Let me tell you, Jesus was amazing, he checked all the drains leading to the tub and made sure he didn’t leave until it was flowing perfectly. They really do stick by the warranty.” – Miaja P.
  • “Unfortunately, I found there was a defect in the pan of the shower (it pooled), and they redid the whole thing to make it right. They have a lifetime warranty. They made it right without hesitation or complaint. Looked as perfect as the first time around.” – Kathy K.
  • Shugarman’s bath is awesome! Josh and friends did a beautiful job. They protected my home from damage during installation and were helpful and kind. The best part is the warranty, and how no matter what they find behind the wall it’s covered! We will be back to our other bath at a later time. EDIT: when an issue was found, Carlos came out the next day and stayed late to fix it; he did a great job. – Kim S.

If you want a lifetime warranty to go with your pristine, top-notch bath remodel, then contact Shugarman’s Bath today to schedule your free consultation.

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