When Human Happens

August 7, 2022

‘Human’ Happens In Bathroom Remodeling…

And If It Does, You’ll Be Glad You Chose Shugarman’s.

Let’s say we’re in the process of remodeling your San Diego home’s master bathroom.

Maybe our friendly glass technician is removing a slab of our specially-coated glass from his van and suddenly here
comes this car screeching around the corner, startling him. This causes the poor guy to quickly step back and bump
corner of the glass on the side of his van…shattering it into a thousand twinkling pieces on the pavement.

Now your project is stalled, and by the time we’ve swept up the street, we’re behind schedule!

How about when, after enduring a long lead time for a product…it arrives at our warehouse with missing pieces,
pieces, or the wrong pieces…

Perhaps one of our employees gets a great life-changing opportunity in another state and has to move away. And
initially, after they leave several balls get temporarily dropped…

Or, how about when an installer is asked a question at the wrong time, causing them to lose focus and drop their
on the new tile floor…cracking it…and now we need to replace it…

When this kind of thing happens during any bathroom remodeling project, it breaks our hearts.

But, as we like to say… ’Human Happens’.

And we make sure that when it does, you’re glad you chose Shugarman’s Bath.

Here’s how:

Our Customer-First, Above-&-Beyond Attitude

Part of our Low-Stress Process is a commitment to quality control and ensuring that if the
human happens during your bathroom remodel (and it might…),

  • We’ll immediately let you know what happened or came up.
  • We’re not going to make any excuses about it.
  • We’re not going to try and debate about it.
  • We’re not going to try and cover it up.
  • No playing the blame game either.

Instead, we’re going to fix it and get it done properly. We’re going to make it right. Because good work is much more
fulfilling than fast, unspecialized, and volume-based remodeling! As a family-owned and operated business, we live
breathe and feed our family through our workmanship.

Can we promise perfect? No. No one in this industry can. If a contractor tries to convince you that a major
Tub-To-Shower Conversion is guaranteed to go off without a single solitary hitch,
trying to sell you something!

What We DO Promise San Diego Families

We promise you’re dealing with a family company with an unwavering dedication to our customers. As far as
concerned, it’s not only the best way to do things – it’s the RIGHT way.

Here’s an example from Jimi, M, that started off as a 1-Star review.

“This is an update to my previous review. My first review was based on the pre-installation experience. The
planning was
so bad, I doubted that Shugarman’s was a real company…”

Uh oh… some balls were obviously dropped. Some human happened! But, we grabbed the bull by the horns for Jimi and
family and made things right (we shortened his review a bit because Jimi wrote a page-sized testimonial after
project was complete).

“However, our new bath has now been installed, although not without some hiccups, and the installation team
fantastic. The level of effort being put into making sure everything is delivered with great quality and to
satisfaction is outstanding. The team was so helpful in making sure that the 6 months we waited for our
bath, ended
well. At the end of every day, the team took extreme care to make sure everything was cleaned out and had
minimal impact
on our home living (we work from home). Every day, everything in close vicinity of the bathroom was
carefully covered to
protect from dust and dirt and at the of the day the entire upstairs was vacuumed and dusted, the covers
removed and
returned to normal use.”

We ran into some rot and a termite-infected wall but handled them quickly. Then there was an issue with the glass
fitting too well on the staircase as well, so we had to remove some drywall.

“I’m pretty sure this installation was a challenging effort for the Shugarman’s team, considering the
roadblocks that
came up, but they handled it professionally and with great care, to ensure it had as little impact on our
experience as possible. In summary, the planning and the wait were painful, but the installation service and
end result
were amazing!”

And that’s our promise to you: you’re going to see us bend over backward for you and take great care to deliver
outstanding results.

Based on this promise, our processes, Premium Materials, Best-In-The-Business installers,
approach to project management, we believe your bathroom remodel has the best chances of going smoothly.

We’re going to proactively communicate with you throughout your project too, and follow up with you afterward to
sure everything works as it should.

Here’s another much shorter review to take that point home, this time from an energetic woman named Heather:

“This company has great workers! I just had my shower redone and it looked great. Both the installer and his
helper were
thoughtful, with great attention to detail. Highly recommend! I also had a visit from a project manager
today to check
on a question about my plumbing and the new installation. He went above and beyond to give great service! I
would hire
this company again for sure. I also loved the saleslady. I felt heard and helped with every call in.”

Bottom Line: We Strive To Be Your Zero-Risk Option

When you decide to remodel your San Diego home’s bathroom with Shugarman’s, you know you and your investment are going to be well taken care of.

Even if the human happens… we’ll make it right and do whatever we must to earn your satisfaction. Have questions? Feel free to reach out and Contact Us. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.