What To Expect At Your Design Consultation

September 20, 2022

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard At Your San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Design Consultation!

Our Bathroom Remodeling Company Wants To Help You Plan Your Next Project

If you’re new to the San Diego bathroom remodeling process, there are a lot of new terms and strategies to learn. At first, it can all seem overwhelming, but we want to ensure you feel adequately prepared before you even begin.

This is why we want to share what you can expect at your professional design consultation with Shugarman Bath. Design consultations are never meant to confuse you or create more anxiety – instead, they should leave you feeling knowledgeable and excited about starting your bathtub or shower remodel.

No matter what type of remodeling you’re interested in, a proper design consultation is imperative to ensure you get exactly what you need. Here are some things to expect at your design consultation.

Tell Us What You Want

A good design consultant will listen to you, detailing your bathroom wants and requirements. Professional consultants won’t interject their thoughts or opinions until asked, ensuring you are heard, and your opinions are the top priority.

Remember that this is your bathroom, and you must live in it – not the design consultant.

An expert designer will wait to offer feedback until you’ve voiced your vision and concerns. Only then will a consultant tell you your appropriate options, infusing your demands with practicality and, possibly, even enhancements. Think of it like a brainstorming session where you can jive with your design consultant and throw ideas around.

Know Your Space

Design consultants often need to visit your home first to see the space. When showing your bathroom space, it’s helpful to know your layout and how you’d like the bathroom to flow.

Your consultant will take measurements to ensure you get the perfect size shower or tub for your bathroom. If you’d like to go smaller with your tub or shower, now is the time to speak up, as your consultant can factor this in before showing you your choices.

Once your design consultant can focus on the space, they will better understand what they have to work with for your project. Knowing precise measurements will help narrow your choices, making the selection process more manageable.

Have Style Ideas In Mind

Before engaging in design consultation, it’s helpful to have at least an idea of what style you imagine. Of course, your design consultant can help with this if you’re completely lost, but showing them options is always helpful.

A great way to mess around with different styles and design options is to use our Bath Planet Design Studio, which allows you to mix and match bathroom pieces online, creating mockups of your future bathroom.

Design Studio’s basic digitization lets you customize and gives you an approximate visual of what your bathroom will look like. In turn, this allows your design consultant to see firsthand what you have in mind. Showing your consultant multiple design options is a great way to get the bathroom remodeling process started.

Be Open-Minded To New Ideas

Though it’s helpful to bring in your ideas and know what you want, it can also be effective to have an open mind during the design process. Design consultants often have experience and knowledge that not all homeowners possess – it’s what they do for a living.

Therefore, they may have suggestions that you’ve never even considered before. Of course, the consultant will always design what you prefer, but allowing them to have input can often save you the time and money of potential missteps and mistakes.

Utilize the ideas a design consultant brings to the table – they want to give you the best final results possible, leaving you happy and completely satisfied. Their job is done when you are nothing but thrilled with the final product.

Complete Professionalism And Respect

We can’t speak for other bathroom remodeling companies, but our design consultations are always accompanied by complete professionalism. If you find any less with other companies, it’s probably best to let someone else handle your job.

Your bathroom is a sacred space, and your time and energy should be valued and respected. Don’t ever let consultants try to upsell you, tell you you need something you don’t, or pressure you into spending more than is comfortable. Using an honest company will help you avoid many of these unethical sales techniques.

You and your family deserve only the best service, professional interactions, and clear communication. This will help ensure you get the bathroom of your dreams. A good salesperson doesn’t need to use shady business strategies when representing a reputable and trustworthy company.

Expect Nothing Less Than A Quality Design Consultation With Our San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Company

At Shugarman’s Bath, we know having an excellent San Diego, CA design consultation is essential – which is why we take the process so seriously. We understand that customers always come first and deserve nothing but our complete attention and positive attitudes during their design consultations.

Our 30 years of bathroom remodeling experience have allowed us to perfect our process, benefiting our valued customers. From bathtub and shower replacement to walk-in tub installation, we’re here for all your bathroom remodeling needs.

Call us today for a free estimate before starting your next bathroom project!