We’re Family Owned – And It Shows

May 24, 2024

You’ll Notice Our Family Feel During Your
Bathroom Remodeling Project

We’re A Family-Owned Team Of
Three Brothers… Plus A Dad

What does family-owned mean to you?

Well, in our case, it means there are four people whose name is on the company and who care deeply about preserving its reputation.

You see, at Shugarman’s Bath, it’s us three brothers, Chase, Rick, and Casey, along with our dad, Jeff – we’re the owners. We have a rockstar team alongside us that we consider a part of our Shugarman’s family.

We guarantee that you will be welcomed into our Shugarman’s Bath family as well when you choose us for bathroom remodeling in Orange County and San Diego.

We Care About Our Reputation And Deliver
A First-Class Customer Experience

As a family-owned company, we care about our reputation. After all, our very name is embedded into the company name.

More than that, we live here. If we don’t do a good job our personal reputation suffers.

So, we must do everything correctly – that’s our mindset. And we’re always willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.

As a result, you receive a first-class customer experience… and you’ll feel like family. Because, to us, you are family.

A Family Feel With Employees Who LOVE Their Job

Your bathroom remodel is only as good as your installers. Sure, we go the extra mile to ensure your overall experience is as good as it gets.

However, more than anything, we ensure we deliver pristine bathroom remodeling RESULTS.

And we do it through incredibly talented and well-trained employees who are treated like family and love their job.

We don’t use subcontractors, and we don’t throw new hires directly into the fire. Instead, we hire talented and experienced people, train them well, and ensure they’re happy so they stick around for years.

Why do our team members stick around? Well, several key reasons:

  • We Pay Them Well. When you have the best bathroom remodelers, other companies want them, too. We pay our employees well, so they’re inclined to stay with us even when competitors try to recruit them away.
  • They Know Their Job Is Safe. Private equity firms will “lay off” workers when work has slowed. We do everything we can to hold onto our employees during the good times and bad.
  • They Enjoy Working At Shugarman’s Bath. As you can tell by now, we’re all about family. The four owners are family members. And every person who works here is treated like family.
  • Many Shugarman’s Employees Work With Their Own Family Members. Throughout various departments, you’ll find family members working together. For instance, we have a husband and wife duo who work here at Shugarman’s. Two brothers and a sister who all work at Shugarman’s. An uncle and a nephew. A father and a son. And a handful of friends that have recruited their other friends.

As a result of our commitment to our employees, you get an expert installer who cares about you. And they’ll likely still be here for your next bathroom remodel… and the one after that.

A Strong Lifetime Warranty That We Honor

Family should look out for one another. And since we consider our customers a part of our Shugarman’s Bath family, we look out for them.

Specifically, we provide an unbeatable LIFETIME warranty. It protects your bath for the entire time you own and lives in your home.

More than that, we honor our warranty commitment. If you call us with an urgent issue, we’ll usually come out the next day. For non-urgent issues, we‘re still out to fix it within a few days in most cases.

Are you searching for a bathroom remodeling company that you can trust? If so, call Shugarman’s Bath today for a free and accurate quote. We service all of Orange County, including Anaheim, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Niguel.