Weary Of Bath Remodeling Headaches?

February 20, 2024

Hiring Local Contractors Ends Your Headaches

We’re From San Diego. We Live In San Diego.
And Our Office is In San Diego.

More and more you see large private equity firms buying up San Diego and Orange County bath remodeling contractors and integrating them into their large, national “portfolio.”

When this happens, EVERYTHING about the company changes. What may have started as a small, community-focused San Diego bath remodeling company is now solely focused on how they can best serve the distant top brass financially.

After all, the private equity managers most often live nowhere near San Diego. So, why would they genuinely care about the community?

The good news is there is still at least one local, family-owned company that puts a halt on all of your bath remodeling headaches – Shugarman’s Bath. We’re from San Diego. The owners (the Shugarmans) live here full-time. And our office is in, you guessed it, San Diego.

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We Keep In Touch And We’re Always Easy To Find

When you care about someone, you communicate at all times. You keep them in the loop, and you take their call when they reach out to you.

Because here’s the fact of life, you make time for the things that are important to you.

Since we’re local and care deeply for the San Diego and Orange County communities, you’re important to us… and we communicate.

You’ll rarely, if ever, need to contact us first. After all, you’re already in the loop. But if you do need to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns, we’ll take your call or call right back.

We Give To The Penny Quotes

Here’s the reality – we will almost certainly find problems when we rip your bath area to the studs. There may be mold. There may be rotted floorboards.

But we don’t charge you more for 99% of the stuff we find when we start your remodel. That is to say, the price you see in your quote is the exact, down to the very penny price you’ll pay us.

As you can imagine, that’s not always the case, especially with large, money-motivated “remodeling” companies that are owned by private equity firms. They may change the price and charge you for every little thing they find during installation.

With us, we EXPECT the unexpected. It’s already in your quote. We’ll handle most issues, and we won’t charge you extra.

*There are minor exceptions in instances where the issues are outside our expertise (i.e. extermination services if we uncover a termite infestation).

We Use The Highest Quality Materials
That Are Guaranteed FOR LIFE

Not to pick on private equity owners too much, but let’s play a game. Pretend you own an investment firm, and you just purchased a bath remodeling company. Your end-all, be-all goal is to maximize YOUR profits.

Where is the first place you can save loads of money? Materials. And where is the second place? Installers.

Well, at Shugarman’s Bath, we use the best materials, installed by true experts who love what they do and are compensated well. We’re also 100% transparent about everything we put into your bath remodel. You’ll know every step we take and every single piece of material we use.

And if that’s not enough, we guarantee our materials and workmanship FOR LIFE. If you have any issues for as long as you own your home, call us – we’ll come and fix it.

If you want a local San Diego and Orange County contractor who can install your beautiful bath remodel without any headaches, call Shugarman’s Bath today for a free and accurate quote.