We Require All Decision Makers To Attend Consultations — Here’s Why

April 7, 2023

Wanting All Decision-Makers Present Is About Much More Than Just Getting Signatures

We Want To Ensure EVERYONE Gets To Help Decide On Your New Bath’s Look

We’ve all faced it at least once in our lives. You call a San Diego home contractor looking for an estimate, and you get the dreaded question – will all decision-makers be present?

Immediately, you feel pressured. Instantly, you feel hunted. And quickly, your interest wanes.

But what if there are good reasons for having all the decision-makers present for a home consultation? What if it was about more than those signatures?

Well, guess what? There are – and it is.

Bath Remodeling Requires Making A Crazy Number Of Choices

Let’s face it – like all San Diego homeowners, you likely spend more time than you’d like in your bathroom. So when it’s time to turn your tired old tub or shower into something new and refreshing, you will have some strong opinions about the look you want.

And if you aren’t the only decision-maker in your home, those opinions will need to mesh with your housemate’s tastes.

How certain are you of your housemate’s decorative style? More importantly, how comfortable would you be to let them pick every element in your new shower or bath?

Well, it’s all but guaranteed they’d give the exact same answers to those questions.

And with our exclusive wall materials and inventive designs, there are virtually hundreds of options, resulting in a near-infinite set of design combinations. What are the chances that your choices will resonate perfectly with the other voice in your home?

In our experience, it’s below 50%.

So, for us, that means there’s a good chance that we’ll have to redo the design of your new step-in shower if only one of you is present during our initial visit. At best, it’ll slow the process. At worst, the disagreement comes after the job is finished – when there’s little that can be done to remedy the frustration.

One Decision-Maker’s Priorities May Not Match Those Of Their Housemate

While everyone in your home may agree that the wet area of your bathroom needs a serious upgrade, your reasons for that opinion may differ.

One person may want to enjoy a soothing bath without worrying about splashing water where the grout is missing. Another may dream of not having to risk a nasty fall every time they hoist their leg over the tub.

And it’s possible that neither person has any idea that the other has these thoughts. Sounds crazy, but this is a lesson we learned the hard way – twice!

Assumptions Are Bad When Aging In Place

There was a time when we didn’t ask for the presence of the person who’d be using the revamped shower we were designing. We were uncomfortable with asking someone with mobility issues to present themselves for our consultation.

Bad decision.

The elderly parent who needed the changes was unable to navigate their upgraded shower. We’d have known this beforehand if we’d only asked them to show us how they move through their bathroom. But we couldn’t ask them because they weren’t there.

Unfortunately, we had to tear out the new work and redesign the whole thing to accommodate their specific needs.

Did we charge them for the redo? Of course not!

But it was still a huge inconvenience for our client, which is never a good thing.

“I Thought You’d Be Happy”

Another incident that showed us the error of our ways was all about personal tastes. The husband wasn’t in on the initial visit, so the wife made all the design choices on her own.

But when the husband popped in during his lunch on installation day, he realized that the color choices were not to his liking. Luckily, we hadn’t installed the walls yet and we were able to find walls they both liked in our backstock.

Had he not decided to stop by and take a look, we’d have been tearing down yet another fresh remodel.

But when all decision-makers are present during our visit, issues like these are quickly brought into the light, and a design that makes everyone happy can be created on the first try.

Wet Area Technology Is Full Of Surprises

A big part of our home consultation is learning your needs and wants and finding ways to address what you truly dislike about the wet area currently in your bathroom.

A major part of that process is educating you on what’s possible. Wet area technology has likely changed a great deal since you last took a look. So, the solution you may have considered with your housemates or parents before you called our office may no longer be the best available answer to your concerns.

When the decision-makers are all present, new information positively affects the conversation. But if someone is missing, new information becomes a source of confusion and turns decisions based on old knowledge into a problem you must overcome.

It’s a near guarantee that you will learn about new concepts that will change what features you and your housemates will want to include in your new bath or shower.

With so many options for style, efficiency, and luxury, the only way to make an informed decision is to be present as the choices are laid out.

If you’re tired of looking at that tired, chipped tub in your San Diego area home and want the best materials installed by a company that backs their work 100%, contact us at Shugarman’s Bath for a free quote.

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