We Help You Stay In Your Home As You Age!

March 5, 2024

A Brand New Walk-In Tub From Shugarman’s
Bath Allows You To Gracefully Age In Place

“Moving Into A Home,” Isn’t Your Only Option. You Can
Remain Safe And Comfortable IN YOUR HOME

“Home Sweet Home.”

It’s more than a cliche. YOUR Southern CA home is a place of comfort and safety. And you shouldn’t have to leave it just because you’re getting older – nor do you necessarily have to.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we make staying in your home as you age easier. We design safe, accessible, and comfortable walk-in bathtubs that greatly reduce the risk of accidents such as slips and falls.

And not only will you be safe and comfortable in your home, but you’ll also have more freedom and save more money. After all, the average cost of assisted living is a whopping $54,000 annually, according to the National Council of Aging (NCOA).

The good news? You don’t have to leave your home – and here are four reasons why you should consider staying in YOUR home rather than moving into assisted living.

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#1: You Can Make Your Bath Safer From Slips And Falls

It’s no secret that showers and baths are often where slips and falls occur. Ultimately, the risk of a shower slip and fall leads many homeowners to choose assisted living, feeling as if they have no other choice.

But there is another choice – a brand new, accessible, and safe walk-in bathtub from Shugarman’s Bath.

Our walk-in tubs are much safer than traditional bathtubs. You’re not stepping over tall bath walls or forced to stand on slippery shower floors.

Instead, you can seamlessly walk right into your tub and take a comforting bath or shower. There’s also a built-in seat, so you can sit down as you shower as well. And there are built-in grab bars that make getting in and out even easier.

#2: Stay Where You’re Most Comfortable – Your Home!

There is nothing like waking up in your own bed inside your own home… and then proceeding to take a bath or shower in your own walk-in bathtub. By making your bathroom and home safer as you age, you can continue to enjoy the incredible comfort that being in your home provides.

That’s where Shugarman’s Bath comes in. We ensure your walk-in bathtub is safe AND comfortable. From built-in seats to adjustable shower heads that provide the perfect pressure, we ensure you’re able to enjoy a safe and comfy shower each and every day.

#3: Spend More Quality Time With Your
Loved Ones And Enjoy More Freedom

It’s easier for your family to visit you in your home rather than in assisted living. And, in most cases, it’s more enjoyable for them to visit you there as well. After all, they probably have memories in your home that they don’t want to lose – and they don’t have to.

More than that, you have more freedom. You make your own decisions as you always have – nothing changes in terms of your ability to spend quality time with your loved ones.

There is only one difference. With a brand-new walk-in tub from Shugarman’s Bath, you enjoy your baths and showers MORE than you ever have before.

#4: You Worked Hard For Your Money – Keep More Of It!

It’s no secret that assisted living facilities are expensive. In many cases, it takes a majority of the “patient’s” life savings – we don’t feel that’s fair. After all, you’ve worked hard for your money, and you deserve to keep it.

The good news? You CAN keep more of it. A safe and accessible walk-in tub from Shugarman’s Bath is cost-friendly and numerous times less expensive than assisted living. We also offer financing options. So, you can spend your money on things YOU enjoy, while also enjoying the safety and comfort your home provides.

If you’re searching for a safe and easily accessible bath and shower in Southern CA, then contact Shugarman’s Bath today for a free and accurate quote.

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