Upgrade Your Home With A New Shower

February 20, 2024

Transform Your Laguna Hills Home With Unique
Full Shower Remodeling Services

Discover The Benefits Of A
Bathroom Remodel

A unique full shower remodeling service in your Laguna Hills home may be just what you need to transform your space and turn your property into the dream home you have always wanted.

Whether you have an old, worn-down shower or an outdated bathtub or just want to make a change, installing a new walk-in shower can make a major difference. High-quality full shower remodeling services don’t just impact the style of your bathroom. They can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your home.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of a full shower remodel may be, let us help. Shugarman’s Bath is proud to help our homeowners revitalize their space and fall back in love with their homes.

Upgrade Your Bathroom’s Style
With Full Shower Remodeling

Upgrading your bathroom can be done in a variety of ways, but a full shower remodel is one of the best ways to make a quick and dramatic change to your layout and the overall style of your space.

Shugarman’s Bath installs custom-designed showers to meet your specific needs and enhance your style. Homeowners can choose from a vast assortment of stylish features and finishes to get a shower that complements their bathroom and makes it the best room in their homes.

If you want a change, installing a new shower can be the answer. Not only can it revitalize your room’s appearance with a fresh new design, but it can also help you organize the space and optimize your layout.

Installing a walk-in shower can make your bathroom appear larger and more open. If you are looking for additional storage, a shower remodel is just what you need. Custom-designed shower shelving that is both beautiful and functional gives you extra space to store your bathing products and keep them neatly tucked away.

A Walk-In Shower Will Make Your Laguna
Hills Home More Accessible

We all want to ensure that our loved ones and guests are always safe in our homes. When you complete a full shower remodeling service with Shugarman’s Bath, you can choose features that make the bathroom more accessible for everyone.

We are happy to offer a variety of safety features that make bathing simple and worry-free for everyone, and we work with our customers to choose the best option for their specific needs.

Our grab bars are perfect for people with trouble with balance or mobility. You can also include a shower seat in your remodeling plans to allow people who need it the chance to sit down and take a break during their shower.

Shower seats also double as a great spot for anyone to relax and enjoy a nice steam after a long day.

Regardless of what you are looking for, the experts at Shugarman’s Bath are excited to help you design an accessible shower that is perfect for your loved ones and guests to regain their independence.

Increase Your Home Value With
A Stunning Bathroom Remodel

Older showers or tubs can be more than just an eyesore in your Orange County Area home. They can also impact your home’s value.

Most homebuyers and appraisers are looking for bathroom products they know will last. Our high-quality showers offer just that. We use a high-quality, durable BP-Cor2 material in all of our remodels.

This material is even stronger than acrylic and is guaranteed to last for decades. It’s easy to clean, beautiful, and always reliable. When you install a high-quality product in your home, you can expect a wonderful return on your investment.

Shugarman’s Bath also offers flawless installation services to ensure the durability of our showers. We don’t offer bandaid solutions for haphazard installations. We do everything the right way from the very beginning and custom-fit your new shower to your space.

This way, we can guarantee a perfect fit and a long lifespan.

Are you ready to transform your Laguna Hills home with a full shower remodeling service? Contact Shugarman’s Bath today to get your free quote.