Transform Your Small Bathroom With A New Shower

April 30, 2024

Update Your Small Anaheim Bathroom With
Professional Full Shower Remodeling

A Small Bathroom Doesn’t Mean You
Can’t Have A Luxury Walk-In Shower

Just because you have a smaller bathroom in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a luxury Anaheim full shower remodeling service from Shugarman’s Bath.

Our professionals are experts at taking the layout of your bathroom and designing a shower that doesn’t just fit into the space – it enhances it. Luxury walk-in showers aren’t just meant for large and open floor plans. They can fit into any space and transform the look of any bathroom in the Orange County area.

Shugarman’s Bath has provided high-quality shower remodels in countless homes, and we know how to design the perfect walk-in shower for any layout. We can install a product that enhances your layout, optimizes your storage, and ensures you can make the most of your available space.

Here are a few of the most popular ideas for homeowners searching for a way to make the most of their small bathroom and design a walk-in shower that makes their space feel like a dream luxury oasis.

Include A Glass Enclosure In Your Anaheim
Bathroom Remodel Design

Glass enclosures can play a large part in your walk-in shower design and offer an array of fantastic benefits. When you install a glass enclosure during your full shower remodeling service, you will get both function and style.

A simple glass enclosure can make your bathroom feel more elegant and modern. It can also make your bathroom and walk-in shower feel larger. The glass makes the space appear more open and can act as a beautiful design feature in your bathroom.

A well-built glass enclosure can also ensure that the rest of your space remains protected from water at all times. It will ensure that nothing spills over or gets on your floors.

This will guarantee that your bathroom will remain clean, easy to maintain, and less susceptible to water damage while optimizing your layout.

Play Around With The Shape During Your
Full Shower Remodeling Design Stage

One of the best parts about coming to the professionals at Shugarman’s Bath for your bathroom remodel is our ability to customize your walk-in shower. We don’t provide one-size-fits-all options. Instead, we offer customizable showers to our customers that have been designed to enhance your specific layout.

This part of our process can be particularly helpful to homeowners searching for a way to install a luxury walk-in shower in a small bathroom. Our team can help you play around with the shape and placement of your new shower to ensure it fits into your space easily without diminishing the extra space you have available.

Many homeowners choose to install a shower in the corner of their bathroom that features an angled design. This way, you aren’t using much of your available space and still get the custom shower of your dreams.

Use Bright Colors In Your Bathroom Shower Remodel

Believe it or not, the colors you choose for your new walk-in shower can do a lot to make it appear larger and make your bathroom layout feel more open. Luckily, there is no lack of options when you come to Shugarman’s Bath.

Our stunning BP-Cor2 surrounds come in over 20 colors that you can choose from. If you are searching for something that will give the illusion of a bigger walk-in shower and a larger bathroom, then we suggest choosing bright and light colors for your space.

A stunning white or a bright blue might be the perfect selection for you. Regardless of the color you choose, you can rest assured that our durable material will not stain, chip, or peel over the years. Instead, this easy-to-maintain product will maintain its original beauty for years to come with minimal to no effort from you.

Storage Solutions For Your Full
Shower Remodeling Service

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of storage space in your bathroom? A full shower remodel may be just the thing you need to make a big difference and provide more storage solutions for your space.

Consider including built-in shelving in your walk-in shower design to store your showering products in a neat and organized way. This can enhance your space and make your bathroom feel far less cluttered.

Shugarman’s Bath offers a vast selection of built-in shelving options to our customers and can help you choose the perfect solution to meet all of your needs.

If you are interested in transforming the look and feel of your bathroom with an Anaheim full shower remodeling service, reach out to Shugarman’s Bath for your free quote today.