Surpassing This Internet Sleuth’s Sky High Expectations

September 2, 2022

Why This Discerning Internet Sleuth Chose Us To Remodel
Her Outdated Bathroom

There Are Over 800 Tub & Shower Remodelers In San Diego.
Here’s Why Joni Picked Shugarman’s Bath.

This case study is based on an audio-testimonial from one of our previous customers, Joni, who was kind enough to give us her time to sit down and talk through her experience after hiring us.

Joni wanted to remodel a bathroom, and we got the impression she’d worked on homes before. While this was our first chance to work together, we felt it wouldn’t be the last.

With the vast number of bathroom remodeling companies available to homeowners in Southern California, it’s no surprise it took a bit of sleuthing around until Joni found us — especially after hiring other contractors in the past.

Instead of offering every home remodeling service under the sun, we decided to focus all of our time and talent on providing stunning bathrooms consistently and perfect for any budget.

Not only has this boosted our company’s reputation, but it also gave Joni peace of mind that she was hiring true experts in the craft.

How Did She Find Us?

“When I started my research into remodeling the master bathroom of a house I purchased last year, I went the traditional route. I looked through online reviews, various websites, and really did a lot of searching around the net.”

Online review platforms are typically the first place many homeowners go to when considering who to hire for their next big project, and Joni was no exception. Reviews are a great feature that allows you to travel back in time and hear directly from past customers about their unbiased experiences and feelings.

While reviews can’t tell you everything you need to know about a company — they’re a great place to start.

“I looked on some different social media platforms, and then I came across this gentleman’s bathroom picture. This then led me to follow Shugarman’s Instagram page, where I saw a lot of examples of the work they have done locally.”

In this day and age, a solid social media presence is vital in running a successful business. Not only does it show potential customers real people are running the show, but it can also give homeowners like Joni an accurate representation of our skill set.

A picture-based social media platform, like Instagram, is perfect for getting right to the point — showcasing beautiful bathrooms. We utilize many media avenues to broaden our reach to as many California residents as possible, and we are glad to see if it paid off for Joni.

How Did The Initial Consultation Go?

“Their reviews were stellar and speak for themselves. At that point, I realized I really wanted to talk to this company and get an idea on the cost of what it would be to remodel my bathroom.”

With over 200 raving reviews across multiple online platforms, we’re always more than happy to share these with our customers. At this point in time, Joni had done quite a bit of independent research to help reduce the number of contractors she was considering for the job.

Our no-pressure free estimate is perfect for weighing out your options financially while giving a bit of insight into our company as a whole. Joni doesn’t risk a thing by picking up the phone and giving us a call other than her highly-valued time.

“They’re very easy to talk to. They were able to understand my concerns and my needs, and they’re very knowledgeable in deciding what would be the best path forward for my particular bathroom.”

Instead of industry jargon and terminology that means nothing to the average homeowner, we like to keep things simple and easy to understand. It’s far too easy to become overwhelmed during a bathroom remodel, especially if you don’t know what’s happening half the time.

Since we’re the local experts in everything bathroom related, we could easily answer all of Joni’s questions about her upcoming project. By putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we can provide a level of respect and dignity unrivaled in our line of work.

You don’t need to be a billionaire to be treated like one — it’s just not the Shugarman’s way.

How Did She Feel About The Results?

“As far as the quality of work for my bathroom, I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s like night and day in there. And it’s just a joy to look at, which wouldn’t typically be the norm in terms of a bathroom. But it really improved the space immensely.”

Hearing a customer’s bathroom remodeling experience went this well understandably brings a smile to our face, but the finished product in Joni’s home brings us the most satisfaction.

Each of our crew members are trained to be the very best at what they do, and we simply won’t tolerate anything less. At the end of the day, Joni was left with a fantastic new bathroom and an equally big smile on her face.

She does have a point, you know. Bathrooms aren’t typically a home’s focal point until you make them one. Bathrooms are often the last place homeowners want to spend their free time, but given the proper TLC they can become an oasis away from the noise of everyday life.

“During the process, I was really surprised that my lead installer was actually a woman. As a single woman myself, that’s important to me that a company recognizes talent and looks outside the box when filling roles in their organization.”

In an industry dominated by males, we don’t blame Joni for being a bit surprised when her lead installer turned out to be a woman. Women get the short end of the stick in many industries, so we took it upon ourselves to make changes where we can and fill important roles within the company with a wide array of qualified folks.

Women in leadership roles not only inspire others, but they give a well-rounded approach to new ideas and solutions to outstanding problems. We never discriminate because it takes a versatile team to ensure a successful bathroom remodel.

Does She Have Advice For Other Homeowners?

When we asked Joni if she had any advice for homeowners looking to remodel their bathroom, she said:

“I’d recommend anyone looking to remodel a bathroom to do your due diligence. Look at the reviews. Look at the pictures. Look on social media. Anywhere where businesses are posting, look at what the customers are saying about the work and recommendations.”

We touched on this sentiment above, but it couldn’t be more accurate. Not everyone has the time to call multiple home remodeling companies for weeks on end, hoping to find the perfect team. Online reviews, social media sites, and simply word of mouth are the best ways to accurately gauge a company’s reputation without having to expel all your energy.

Joni struck us as a very thorough lady, leaving no stone unturned during her research which inevitably led her to us. The old phrase “measure twice, cut once” applies directly to choosing a contractor for your bathroom remodels.

Doing your due diligence now, as Joni put it, will save you countless hours of frustration and money in the long run.

Joni had to say on that subject:

“For my circumstance, I couldn’t afford to go cheap because if something went wrong or went wrong in the future, I don’t want to spend more money fixing substandard work. So that was really important to me, to not go for the lowest bid but for the quality of work and going with the company with the reviews to back their work.”

Many homeowners can’t take the financial risk of choosing the wrong company to remodel their bathroom, let alone give up their home for who knows how long. While we don’t offer the cheapest rates in town, we provide fair and transparent project quotes breaking down exactly where your money is going.

Sure, the lowest bid may sound good at first, but there is almost always a catch. You may not run into issues for a few months or even a few years, but chances are that the very same bathroom will need to be renovated or fixed in the foreseeable future.

If you were contemplating buying a computer that cost $10 and a computer that cost $100, it would be a safe bet that the more expensive computer would be a better investment in the long run. Higher prices don’t always equal higher-quality work, but surprisingly low prices can almost guarantee inferior outcomes.

“I’m super excited and can’t wait to work with them on my next bathroom!”

– Joni

Thanks for sitting down and talking with us, Joni! We hope you enjoyed reading this case study from our past customer out of Southern California. If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom, be sure to reach out for your Free Bathroom Remodeling Estimate.

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