Space-Saving Solutions For Your Bathtub

April 8, 2024

Get Space-Saving Solutions For Your Newport
Beach Bathtub Remodeling Project

Discover Solutions For Your Bathtub
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There are a few reasons why homeowners choose to come to Shugarman’s Bath for their Newport Beach bathtub remodeling services. You may have noticed that your old bathtub takes up too much space but doesn’t offer much function.

A large bathtub may feel like a wonderful idea, but if you don’t have room for a shower or don’t have anywhere to put your bathroom products, then a tub can become an organizational nightmare rather than a luxury product.

Our bathtub remodels are custom-designed to make the most of your layout. We don’t want to take up space in your home. We want to help you create a more organized bathroom that fits all your needs.

Include A Showerhead In Your
Bathtub Remodeling Design

One of the best ways to make the most out of your bathtub is to incorporate shower features in your design. While smaller bathrooms may not have room for both a shower and a tub, that doesn’t mean you have to give up either one.

Instead, combine them! That way, you can get the best of both worlds. Many homeowners choose to create a shower-tub combo that has an attached showerhead. Others may opt for something a little simpler.

A detachable showerhead can offer the same benefits but also has a sleek appearance. You can enjoy a relaxing soak when you want or a quick shower when you’re in a rush.

Combining the two products gives you the best of both worlds without sacrificing space in your bathroom’s layout. Instead, you can rest assured that your available space has been optimized and your bathroom will function beautifully.

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Smaller Tub
For Your Bathtub Remodel

We know that a lot of homeowners dream about having a large jacuzzi tub in their homes. Sometimes, the space in our bathrooms just doesn’t work for that vision, and that’s okay!

Installing a smaller bathtub doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of having a luxurious, relaxing space. A freestanding tub can be a beautiful space-saving solution for homeowners in the Orange County area.

You may also want to place a thinner but longer tub along a wall. This will save space and offer enough room to spread out your legs during a nice soak.

Opting for a smaller or thinner tub will give you more space in your bathroom, creating a luxury appearance.

Corner Tubs Are A Great Solution During
Your Bathtub Remodel Service

If a thinner tub or standalone tub doesn’t feel like the solution for you, consider a different approach. Corner tubs have been a fantastic solution for homeowners with less available space in their bathrooms.

Homeowners and wet area specialists alike often overlook corners. But they offer a great opportunity to create a larger tub that doesn’t take up as much space. Usually, this option isn’t available if you are working with one-size-fits-all solutions for your bathtub remodel.

But with Shugarman’s Bath, anything is possible. We design bathtubs that fit your space. When we say we can create the perfect solution for you – we mean it.

Include Built-In Shelving In Your
Bathtub And Shower Remodel

Built-in shelving is one of our favorite solutions for homeowners in Newport Beach. You can reorganize your space and say goodbye to clutter by incorporating built-in shelving in your bathtub remodel design.

We suggest using your new built-in shelving to store showering products. This way, it won’t take up space on the side of your tub, vanity, or even your bathroom floor.

By installing products you can trust, you can rest assured that your bathtub will last for years and make your bathroom feel like the luxury spa-like environment you have always hoped for.

Shugarman’s Bath only uses high-quality customers to build homeowners the bathtub of their dreams. By listening to your needs, we can guarantee flawless results – every single time.

Have you been searching for the best bathtub remodeling services in Newport Beach? Look no further than Shugarman’s Bath. Get your free quote today.