Signs You Need A New Shower

May 31, 2024

Does Your Santa Ana Home Need Shower
Remodeling? Look For These Signs

How To Know When You Need
A Bath Remodeling Specialist

Do you love your shower, or could it be better? Does your shower offer everything you’ve ever wanted, or do you find it lacking in some areas? These and many other questions come up when deciding to complete shower remodeling in your Santa Ana home.

Orange County homeowners decide to update their walk-in showers for various reasons, but there are often clear-cut signs that it’s time for an upgrade. When you know what to look for, it can make your decision to embark on a shower remodel much easier.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we love keeping our homeowners fully informed so they can make the best decisions for their needs. So, we’ve developed this guide to help you determine if you need a new walk-in shower.

Water Damage Above Your Shower Walls

One of the most critical signs to watch for is water stains around and above your shower walls. This indicates a potential leak in your shower system. Leaks can lead to significant damage if not dealt with swiftly.

Your home can experience structural damage due to moisture exposure. In addition, all that moisture is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Ultimately, a leak anywhere in your system could lead to the complete failure of your shower.

When you hire a professional bath remodeling specialist like Shugarman’s Bath to install a new walk-in shower, we’ll get to the heart of the problem during the demolition phase. We’ll thoroughly investigate the wet area of your bathroom for plumbing leaks and damage. Then, we’ll fix it before installing your new shower system.

Walk-In Shower Tiles Are Damaged

There’s no doubt that tiles in a shower look great when they’re first installed. However, over time, they quickly lose their appeal. Tile is susceptible to cracking and chipping, leaving your shower looking worse for wear.

While you can spend a lot of time and money regularly repairing damaged tile, there comes a point when it’s more economical to replace your entire shower system. We use exceptionally durable shower products made with a premium material called BP-Cor2 that resists chipping and cracking.

In addition, if you love the look of tile, we can etch our shower enclosures to mimic the look of tile wall surrounds. You can have the beautiful appearance of a tiled walk-in shower but without worrying about potential damage.

You’re Spending More Time Cleaning Your Walk-In Shower

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning your shower? If you do, it could be time for that upgrade. Not all materials are created equally when it comes to ease of maintenance. In fact, some are downright atrocious to keep clean because they’re so porous.

Our BP-Cor2 material is not only thicker and more durable than other bath remodelers’ acrylic options, but it’s also non-porous and made with Microban technology. Your shower walls will help keep themselves clean with self-disinfecting properties.

In addition, the glass we use for our shower doors is custom-treated and coated to ensure it’s extremely easy to clean. It doesn’t have microscopic pores like lower-quality glass, so you won’t struggle with spotting.

Problems With The Water Pressure
In Your Santa Ana Shower

Often, water pressure problems in the shower can be alleviated by cleaning or replacing the showerhead. When that doesn’t work, it could indicate you have underlying plumbing issues in your shower area.

Sometimes, repairs can solve the problem. However, if you’re seeking repairs more often than not, having your shower remodeled could be the best solution.

We’ll fully evaluate your plumbing system for leaks that could be causing your decreased water pressure once we have removed your old shower. Once the problem is identified and repaired, you’ll be back to having luxurious showers in no time.

Your Walk-In Shower Style Is Outdated

Another great reason to choose a shower remodel for your Orange County home is a desire for change. If your shower system’s style is outdated, or you simply don’t like how it looks, that’s a good enough reason to change it.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we offer an amazing assortment of styles and colors for wall surrounds. We can also custom-fit your new shower to any oddly shaped space you may have in your bathroom. You aren’t stuck with one-size-fits-all options when you choose our team.

Instead, you’ll present your vision to us, and we’ll bring it to life with outstanding products and a meticulous installation process. Then, we’ll back your new walk-in shower with a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you’re ready for a shower remodel in your Santa Ana home, we’re here for you. Call Shugarman’s Bath today at (619) 332-2220 to schedule a free estimate.