Shower Specialists Vs. General Contractors: WHO’S BETTER?

March 7, 2023

Tub/Shower Specialists Vs. General Contractors:
Who’s Better For YOUR Bath Remodel?

If You’re Remodeling Just Your Tub Or Shower,
There’s Only ONE Real Choice.

Did you know there’s a HUGE difference between a tub/shower remodeling specialist and a traditional General Contractor (GC)?

If you’re like many other homeowners, who’ve searched around online for San Diego bathroom remodeling services and found Shugarman’s Bath, you’ve more than likely been surprised to learn we ONLY do wet areas aka bath/shower spaces.

Before then, you probably had no clue there was any distinction.

So, now you’re likely thinking to yourself,

“Dang, I was hoping to find one company who could come in and do everything.”

And while we agree it SEEMS convenient to have one GC handling everything, keep in mind…

Wet Areas Are The Most Critical And Challenging Areas In Your Bathroom to Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the hardest part to get right is your tub/shower space. So much can go wrong in this area during a comprehensive bathroom remodel, and each little mistake can cost you time, headaches, money, etc.

Here’s a quote from our President, Chase Shugarman, stressing the importance of having a GC who specializes in “wet” remodels:

“Your wet area is prone to mistakes like leaks, bad waterproofing, and low-quality products that don’t last. GCs, by nature, are generalists. While Shugarman’s Bath is technically a GC, we specialize in ONLY wet areas – nothing else. All we do every day is remodel tubs and showers.”

Because they’re generalists, most GCs will subcontract out the various parts of your bathroom remodel. With your tub/shower space alone, you might have one subcontractor doing demo, another who comes in for waterproofing, another to handle rough/finish plumbing, someone to set tile, and perhaps a carpenter for things like stud repair, pony walls, shower benches, and niches.

So, from here, we can start asking questions like:

  • Who are all these people, and were they background-checked? Are they skilled?
  • With so many subcontractors, there’s a lot of room for error. How does the GC plan to handle potential mistakes?
  • Is the work under warranty, and will they fix something if the next trade can’t complete their work because…a previous subcontractor did a poor job?
  • What markup is added by the GC to other people’s work?

The Shugarman’s Difference – Comprehensive Specialization

As specialists, we don’t need any subcontractors. Our fully-vetted and well-trained in-house installers have all the necessary skills. They handle everything from A to Z, according to what we call The Shugarman’s Way – where you’ll have your old wet area torn down to the studs and the new one built in 1-2 days.

Will I Save Money By Working With A Specialist?

Remember, as specialists with a streamlined approach, we can get this work done in 1-2 days (with some trickier projects taking a couple more days) instead of 2-4 weeks. With less people and less time on a project, you get fewer miscommunications, scheduling errors, and blame-game between subcontractors, which all save money.

And you save the time you get from not having your shower gutted for multiple weeks.

Does this mean we’re inexpensive? No. But the good news is you’re working directly with the source rather than a GC and whoever they subcontract work to (who all have their own expenses, employees, and overhead).

Wrapping Up – Case Closed?

So, what do you think? Does the surface-level convenience of the traditional GC outweigh the benefits of working with a wet area specialist like Shugarman’s Bath? We think the choice will be clear once you have a chance to chat with us, walk through the details and particulars, and see what we’re all about.

Reach out and contact us! We look forward to meeting you and learning about your bathroom remodeling goals. Thanks for your time today.

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