She Said “Sayonara” To Her Ancient Cast Iron Tub

September 2, 2022

We Replaced A Rusty Cast Iron Tub With This
STUNNING Tub-Shower Combo

Her Bathroom Went From “Outdated” To “Outstanding”
In Just One Day.

In this case study, we’ll look at a smooth bathtub remodeling project we completed for a pleasant woman named Amanda in only one day. She has a wonderful home and primary bathroom in the San Diego area that desperately needed a new lease on life.

Amanda couldn’t afford a complete remodel yet, but she knew she needed a high-quality replacement for her old cast iron tub. It was full of cracks, rusted, and had become almost unusable!

How Did She Hear About Shugarman’s Bath?

Amanda found us the way most San Diego homeowners find us, on the internet. She began looking around the area and doing online research.

“I took the time to study their website. It’s super-informative, and there are plenty of project photos of end products. They also have great reviews!”

Another thing that caught her attention is that we’re a family-owned, family-run, and family-operated business. For most folks like Amanda, it means you can expect a different kind of treatment or remodeling experience than with larger more ‘corporate’ companies.

After she gleaned all the information she could from our website, she reached out and gave us a call.

“The experience overall from start to finish was just outstanding. Everyone I talked to on the phone or in person was super-friendly and professional and answered all my questions.”

You bet we did. We’re huge on communication and giving people the information they need while researching and exploring their options. We scheduled an in-home consultation with her and ensured she knew exactly what to expect.

No sales presentation. No pressure. No living room lecture. When our specialist arrived, he spent time measuring her bathtub area and taking pictures. Then they sat down and went through her questions one by one, after which he gave her a rock-solid price on the spot.

“I told him that I wasn’t ready to make a decision, and he said, ‘That’s totally fine, here’s my card, and just give me a call if you decide you want to move forward,’ so there was no pressure at all and I really liked that.”

How Did The New Bathtub Installation Go?

Great! First, we took out the old tub and went down to the studs to ensure all repairs were made to the foundation. The new tub was custom-fit for her space, with all the finishing touches and details personalized for Amanda.

“Two people came out. The primary installer and his friendly helper. They worked seamlessly together, kept my house super-clean, only brought things in as needed, and always had tarps down on the ground. Even when they did the demo, all the debris was whisked away, so it was super-clean and efficient.”

We pay special attention to every detail, which Amanda noticed firsthand. One point she spoke about in her testimonial video was the picture-perfect (she called it flawless) caulking around all the edges. She also loves how clean and shiny the new material is.

While it’s not the best image, here is what her new tub looks like. Can you imagine how transformative it is after being stuck with an unusable rusted old cast iron tub?

Amanda Bathtub Remodeling Case Study

Anything Stand Out While Working With Our Team?

“There were two really outstanding things for me. One was how efficient the process of the installation was. It was super-clean and super-efficient. The other thing that impressed me was they really did get it all done in a day…which I didn’t believe was going to happen!”

When asked if she had any suggestions for other San Diego families interested in bathtub remodeling, here’s what she said:

“First, make sure to do your research. Go online and study the Shugaman’s Bath website. Definitely read their outstanding reviews and then call and ask some questions. Have them come out to your home. It’s easy, and there’s no pressure!”

Another Successful Project; Another Happy Customer

If you have questions about our Bathtub Remodeling service or anything else related to this project, reach out and Contact Shugarman’s Bath today.

We’re happy to give you all the information you need while figuring out what to do with your San Diego-area home’s bath/shower enclosure. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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