Reluctant To Choose Our Reveal Series Over “Real” Tile?

February 3, 2023

Reluctant To Choose Our Reveal Series Over
“Real” Tile? Here’s Something To Consider

Let’s Look At How Our Tile Stacks Up
To The Competition

Are you reluctant to move beyond traditional tile to adorn your bathroom with our Reveal Series, made with modern material, because it’s not the “real” thing?

We understand. Flawless laser-etched grout lines aren’t for everyone.

There’s something about the look of conventional ‘it’s gotta be the real thing!’ tile certain people MUST have, regardless of costs. And unless you planned on doing a very…VERY high-end natural stone, our products are likely more expensive because they’re better than “old world” tile.

Bottom Line: If you’re hesitant to choose our so-called “fake” tile, that’s okay. If you feel the texture, style, and aesthetics of authentic tile are the best…well, fair enough.

Because the truth is our material isn’t 100% indistinguishable from the real thing. But, it is roughly 92% indistinguishable. However, what you get in return in terms of long-lasting, functional benefits and advantages more than makes up for that small percentage of perfect mimicry.

In this article, let’s dig into the advantages our Reveal Series brings to the table in comparison to the following well-known downsides of old-school tile:

  • Damage – Bowing, cracking, chipping, scratching, fading, staining, general wear & tear.
  • Upkeep – Ongoing maintenance, repairs, replacements, cleaning, and sealing.
  • Grout – This material is porous! Put a magnifying glass to it and see all the little holes…
  • Install Time – When you incorporate demo, rough plumbing, hot mopping, tile installation, and finish plumbing, you’d need a week and typically 4-5 different trades. And this is for a rather simple bathroom remodeling project! We streamline the process and get it ALL done in as little as 1-2 days (for the wet area).

A Look At Real-World Examples

At first glance, while it’s about 6 feet away, can you tell what you’re looking at in the following image isn’t real tile? This is one of our Shower Remodeling photos:

Custom Double Threhold Shower

Note: Don’t worry about the missing shower door—one has been installed since this picture was taken. We simply wanted you to be able to see the walls without them being obstructed by the glass!

But, the real question is, could you tell it wasn’t the real thing? Perhaps, if you were inches away and had some natural tile in your hands to compare it to…then, maybe.

Let’s take a closer look at some close-up photos of ours that show the ‘reveal lines’:

100% perfect match to the real thing? No. But darn close and installed The Shugarman’s Way. Compare these to this basic stock image of a “real” tile shower:

real tile shower example from Shugarman's Bath

We can also compare that to the following angle of another bathroom we outfitted with our Reveal Series material.

Shugarmans Identity Post Joy After

What’s nice is that you get the look and feel of tile without the bothersome realities – the best of both worlds.

How About Examples Without Reveal Lines?

Many customers prefer the laser-etched grout lines or ‘reveal lines.’ See, we can add in many different patterns, but how about systems without them? Let’s take a look. And while the below technically isn’t the Reveal series, it’s the same material and REALLY looks like marble and concrete.

Shugarmans Bath Grey Bath Planet Cement Pattern Shower Wall Surround Walk In Shower Niche Shelving Safety Handle Brushed Nickel Hardware Oceanside Ca

Here are another couple of wider shots without the reveal lines that look stunning!

A few quick highlights:

  • Our new tile version is non-porous, so icky germs and mildew can’t cling to it.
  • No need for harsh toxic cleaning agents, specialized tile cleaners, or disinfectants.
  • Can be installed in 1-2 days! No hot mopping, tiling, or grouting– which can take weeks!
  • There’s no grout! Meaning no sealing or any of the corresponding maintenance.
  • You get the lifetime warranty protection ‘real’ tile doesn’t offer because it doesn’t last.

Did you know Good Housekeeping doesn’t put their stamp of approval on old-style tile? Instead, they RECOMMEND US and back up our product with a 2-year replacement and refund warranty (on top of our lifetime warranty!)

Ready To Reconsider Our Reveal Series Bathroom Systems?

Getting the wet area of your bathroom remodel right is critical if you’re looking to get the absolute best ROI. So, while our systems may only be approximately 92% distinguishable, they deliver 200% of the value of “real” tile-based remodels!

Our Reveal Series products deliver across the board and deserve a closer look. Reach out and contact us at your convenience, and we’ll be happy to answer your follow-up questions and give you all the answers you need to make the best choice possible.

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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