Pros and Cons Of Shower To Tub Conversion

May 5, 2023

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Shower-To-Tub Conversion In Your Clairemont, CA, Home

How To Decide If This Option Is Right For You

Most of the time, when you hear about wet area remodeling in Clairemont, CA, homes, people are removing their bathtubs to have walk-in showers installed. While there are many excellent reasons for choosing that option, have you considered the alternative of a shower-to-tub conversion for a bathroom that lacks a tub?

As with any remodeling decision, transforming a shower into a tub has several pros and cons. We’ll explore each of these so you can decide if this project is suitable for you and your home.

Pros Of A Shower-To-Tub Conversion

Changing your wet area space is an exciting experience as you remove the old and outdated and replace them with the fresh and new. Choosing the right project to suit your needs is essential. A shower-to-tub conversion can offer several excellent benefits that your walk-in shower simply cannot deliver.

Increased Home Value

If there is no bathtub in any of the bathrooms in your San Diego area home, adding one can boost its value. If you plan to sell in the future, having a tub in the house is an excellent selling point.

Many potential home buyers will look for a bathtub in the master suite at a minimum. If they have small children, not having a bathtub could cost you the sale because most buyers are looking for a turnkey home that won’t require renovations after they move in.

Excellent For Homes With Small Children

If you have or are planning on children, bathing them is significantly more manageable with a bathtub. Trying to corral little ones in a shower can be quite the challenge – making a shower-to-tub conversion the clear choice for your needs.

Increased Personal Comfort

The options are almost limitless when it comes to choosing your new tub. The key is selecting an experienced Clairemont, CA, wet area specialist that uses only premium products to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible.

Once your new tub is installed, you can enjoy long, luxurious soaks at the end of stressful days. If you suffer from regular aches and pains or even arthritis, having this option can be highly beneficial. 

Cons Of Shower-To-Tub Conversions

Even though there are many excellent benefits involved with this type of remodel, there are some downsides. You’ll need to consider these as well before you make the final decision on your project.

Shower And Tub Combinations Can Be Harder To Maintain

Because they see more use with showers and baths, shower and tub combinations can be more challenging to keep clean. However, if you choose a company that uses innovative materials and are a breeze to maintain – you’ll eliminate a lot of the hassle. 

For example, at Shugarman’s Bath, we use Bath Planet shower bases and tubs. These products are made of special BP-Cor2 material that’s thicker than the average remodel materials used, non-porous, and designed with Microban technology. This makes caring for the shower and tub combination much easier.

Traditional Bathtubs Can Be Challenging To Access

If you only have one bathroom in your home or are considering this project for the primary bathroom, you’ll need to consider everyone’s ability to access a bathtub. Anyone with accessibility issues will have difficulty stepping into a traditional-style tub, making the bathroom dangerous.

However, you can still consider a shower-to-tub conversion, but you’ll need to think outside the box. Walk-in bathtubs are an excellent option for those with mobility issues and will still allow you to have a tub in the home. If that’s not an ideal solution for you, you can have a tub installed and then have a step-thru bathtub insert installed, providing a walk-in option.

Tubs Take Up More Space Than Showers

One final thing to consider before you opt for dropping your shower in honor of a bathtub is whether the bathroom in your San Diego area home can accommodate one. Generally, a bathtub will take up more square feet than a shower, so if your bathroom is small, you may need a different option.

There are alternatives to full-size tubs that may offer a solution. Models that fit in the corner are typically smaller and save space, allowing you to fit them in much smaller areas. You’ll need to consult with your wet area specialist to see if they have an option that will suit your available space.

Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we provide our customers with custom size and height options that offer so much more potential than the big box cookie-cutter selection you’ll find with most wet area remodelers. We can help find the ideal tub to fit into the oddest spaces with the perfect fit.

For A Premium Shower-To-Tub Conversion In Clairemont, CA, Call Shugarman’s Bath

When your Clairemont, CA, home’s bathroom desperately needs a bathtub, rely on the area’s leading wet area specialists for a fantastic shower-to-tub conversion. Here at Shugarman’s Bath, we deliver precision workmanship on every project.

You’re guaranteed a solid foundation under your new bathtub because we use a down-to-the-studs approach to ensure any underlying problems are not only identified but also addressed before we complete the installation.

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