Our Core VALUES Keep Us On Course

March 25, 2024

Here’s How Our Core Values Impact YOUR Project

At Shugarman’s Bath, We Do What’s Right.
ALWAYS. Even When No One’s Watching

Why do so many bath remodeling contractors in San Diego not follow through with their promises to use the best materials and respect your property? Why do they cut corners when they THINK you won’t notice? And why do they lollygag and turn a one or two-day bath remodel into a month-long install?

Well, the answer is simple – they aren’t driven by core values. And they don’t put the customer FIRST.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we ARE guided by our customer-first core values. And, as a result, you receive a bath remodeler who:

  • Shows up on time
  • Uses the BEST materials
  • Treats your home as if it were their own
  • Is ALWAYS genuinely polite and proud to serve you

So, if you want a bath remodel from someone who truly cares and puts their heart and soul into everything they do, choose Shugarman’s Bath. We’ll treat you right.

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Quality Is Our #1 Core Value

Quality is the #1 way you’ll see our customer-first core values on display during your bath remodel. We REFUSE To install a sub-par bathtub or shower. More than that, we won’t settle for “good enough” or “slightly better than the other guys.”

Instead, our quality is the BEST in San Diego… and we have the awards to prove it.

So, what makes our quality so great? Well, for starters, we fix EVERY problem. We rip the bath to the studs. When we do, we expect to find some issues – don’t worry, additional costs are almost always already covered in your quote (so you won’t pay extra). From that point, we fix any issues we find (i.e. mold, rotted floorboards, etc.).

Then, we start the installation. We use the best materials, which are installed by our well-trained Shugarman installers. And if that’s not enough, we back our work with a LIFETIME material and labor warranty and a money-back guarantee.

Our Integrity Means The Job Always Gets Done Right

Our integrity reinforces our commitment to quality. And we couldn’t sleep at night if we knew we’d given less than our best effort on a project.

So, we put our best foot forward EVERY time. And we guarantee quality results. On the rare occasion we make a mistake, we own up to it 100%. We don’t point fingers or try to find a way to blame you.

More than that, we make your experience pleasant and easy. In fact, most projects are finished within a day or two, depending on the scope of the remodel. And we treat your home with the utmost respect. We’re as quiet as possible, keep you informed, and will gladly talk with you and answer ALL of your questions.

Our Heart Ensures YOUR Remodel Is Uniquely Yours

“It’s okay… it’s just not exactly how I wanted.” This all too common phrase comes up all the time with other bath remodeling companies.

You see, there are honest bath remodelers out there, and many of them perform quality work with good materials and good installers. BUT what makes a “best of the best” installer a “best of the best… of the best” installer is the ability to LISTEN and personalize your bath remodel.

And to do that, it takes Heart.

Heart is one of our key core values. It ensures we LISTEN to you. And it ensures you don’t have a “it’s not how I wanted” feeling. Because we don’t use cookie-cutter approaches.

Instead, we communicate. And we put together a personalized bath remodeling plan. So your bath is truly 100% your own. It’s not like your neighbors or our previous 10 clients… it’s unique.

If you want a bath remodeler in San Diego who understands the importance of SERVICE and treats you well, then contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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