Our Consultations Are 60-90 Minutes… And They’re Actually FUN

March 10, 2023

Our Design Consultations Are 60-90 Minutes Long–
And You’ll Enjoy Every Second

Yes, We Require All Decisions Makers To Be There….
But Only So We Can COLLABORATE On Your Dream Design.

Getting ready to remodel your bathroom and considering Shugarman’s Bath? Then it’s critical to understand the first foundational part of the process – our design consultation.

Because the truth is, we’re NOTHING like major home improvement brands…and this isn’t HGTV.

As a family company, our process is personal, detailed, and deliberate, so our average consultation takes about 60-90 minutes.

Explore why below.

We’ve Got To Get To Know You

Once past introductions and formalities, we get to go through our favorite part: getting to know you! We take this work personally. Becoming a part of your story is something we strive for!

So, we’re going to want to delve into who you are and your wants, needs, desires, and budget as they pertain to your bathroom space(s). Be prepared to answer questions! We’re not going to pester or prod, but we’ll dig until we’re able to completely wrap our minds around what the space and your goals require.

Example questions would include:

  • Are you a senior looking for safety?
  • Is the bathroom falling apart, and do you need work done ASAP?
  • Do you need something more custom that you’re willing to wait longer for?
  • How “budget conscious” are you?

This is done to save you time by having us design the correct wet area system from the get-go.

These insights into you, the space, and how it’s to be used, help us design a bathroom that fits your budget and needs and properly estimate the lead time in which we can get the project done in. For example, should we price products we have in stock that we can turn around much faster?

We’ll get to the initial design part in a moment, but first…

You’ll Get To Know Us

  • Shugarman’s Bath is a family company with the heart-felt goal of incorporating our company/family values into everything we do as professionals and as people.
  • We’ll have all the proper licensing, worker’s compensation, GL insurance, warranties, and other important company points to show you.
  • We’re a bathroom remodeler with a unique down-to-the-studs approach specializing in wet area – bath/shower space – projects (not your average general contractor).
  • By specialization, we mean it. We don’t do any other home improvement or remodeling services. Every day our crews do nothing else but transform wet areas across greater San Diego, installing high-quality Bath Planet systems.

We’ll Perform A Bath Inspection

We’re going to get to know your bathroom by performing a detailed bath/shower space inspection, taking measurements and pictures, and potentially using non-invasive tools to see what’s behind walls or below the surface.

What are we looking for? First, to see the state of the space – is it currently tile, fiberglass, marble, acrylic, etc.? Is it accessible for a senior? What are the current issues? Any potential moisture damage? Leaks? Is there tile falling off the wall?

We’ll leave no proverbial stone unturned!

Designing A New, Personalized Space

Now that we’ve gotten to know your wants, needs, desires, goals, budget, and the condition of the space, we can help you make important choices.

  • There are hundreds of color and pattern options.
  • Storage and accessory options.
  • Specifics related to your wet area’s footprint and layout.
  • We have tons of samples – our design consultants are like traveling showrooms!

We’re going to really iron out the specifics here. Like, how many soap dishes you want, how big your niche will be, and whether you want seating and what enclosure options you need (ex. the glass door).

Then, We’ll Provide You With A To-The-Penny Quote

All this time spent upfront helps us give you a down-to-the-penny quote (not an estimate) of what your new bath/shower system will cost. Every detail will be clear and laid out for you to consider, including materials, labor, demo, and disposal. No hidden fees. No extra charges.

After choosing to move forward with the Premium System we design, we’ll get the financials figured out, get the paperwork signed, and get the ball rolling on scheduling your project!

Ready To Schedule Your Consultation?

The bottom line here is that 60-90 minutes is required because it’s actually going to save you time. By getting all of this info about who you are, who we are, and your budget, etc., we can design the perfect bathroom for YOU.

Sure we could go in, throw together some measurements and price something out, but without having a vision for what we’re going to achieve, we’ll probably miss and have to do it again. It’s analogous to “measure twice, cut once.”

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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