Installer Forms Deep Bond With Fallen Hero’s Family

October 10, 2022

Shugarman’s Installer Discovers Incredible Connection
With Gold Star Family

This Surprising Reunion Shows Our Roots
In The San Diego Community Run Deep.

Being a family company, there’s a thin line between the ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’ aspects of our daily lives. We live and breathe the trade! And we’re in this for far more than just making money. It’s one thing that distinguishes us from typical profit-driven San Diego bathroom remodelers.

As part of our Low-Stress Process, we’re always looking to connect with the folks we work with. We want to be an inspirational part of their story throughout the remodel itself and beyond, as our solutions produce long-lasting impacts.

To demonstrate this part of who we are, in today’s article, we’d like to share a story about how one of our installers made a deep connection with a family who lost someone very special.

San Diego Is A Large, But Connected Community

Years ago, one of our installers (a military veteran who is now our Production Manager) was on a job and discovered he had a strong connection to this particular family. It began when he noticed the woman of the house wearing dog tags. Then, he noticed images of a young soldier and a folded-up American flag resembling a military member passing away.

“At the time, I myself had just returned from a deployment, and my dad told me we needed to go to a military funeral, so of course, I went. It was about 2006. While doing their install in 2022, I noticed the dog tags, a folded-up flag, and pictures of a fellow soldier and knew they’d experienced a loss.”

As it turned out, their son was killed by a sniper while serving in Iraq. Our installer at the time didn’t know it when he began his work, but he’d actually been to that young man’s funeral. Way back in 2006, his father told him they needed to attend, and it was his! His father actually knew the family, but they didn’t recognize him as he’d aged by over 16 years.

“As the installation work progressed, I asked them about their son, and we confirmed the connection. They hadn’t recognized me from the funeral, but I recognized their son.”

That day was special for that couple and for more than just a beautiful new shower space.


That’s what we strive for at Shugarman’s Bath. When it comes to your home and where you bathe or shower, it really is personal. It’s a personal space! And when you invest in contractors, you want to know you’re investing in good people with Customer-First Core values.

We Did Their Second Bathroom Remodel Too

It feels good when you know who you’re working with. Relationships are everything. When they called us for their second bathroom remodel, we were thrilled to be able to see them again, exchange more stories, and continue our own story together.

Thanks for your time today. If you’d like to reach out to us to make us a part of your story perhaps, we’re excited! You can call us at (619) 332-2220 or use our Contact Us form. We’ll get back to you soon.