How Transformative A Walk-In Shower Can Be

July 14, 2022

How Transformative A Walk-In Shower Can Be

Where Every Detail Provides Functionality And Value

Bathroom remodels are a lot more than just physical changes to one of the most important rooms
in your San Diego
home. Functionality is important as well, as are the impacts the new space will have on your
home and family

As a perfect example, today we’d like to share a story with you about a woman named Jewel.
Updating the bathroom
was something she and her late husband always talked about before he passed away. But, for one
reason or
another, it just always kept getting put off until it eventually got out of reach.

Then she heard about a giveaway through the Special Liberty Project for a FREE bathroom remodel.
It’s an
initiative we’re proud to be part of. So, she applied, and won! You can learn more about it on
our Community Service

To say the new walk-in shower was transformative for her and her family would be an
understatement. If you’d
like to hear about it in her own words, we embedded her reveal video below.

Bottom Line: Details Make All The Difference

We were replacing an old outdated tower and tub, and combining them into one walk-in shower
space. Their old
tub actually had a hole in it, which had been repaired and patched up a few times over the years
already. It
wasn’t sturdy or dependable anymore.

This is why right after revealing the new walk-in shower enclosure, one of their first questions
was, “How
much weight can it hold?”

The answer is the benches we install can hold about 1,200 lbs, and the bases can take 300+. Bath
systems are very high-quality. Best-in-the-biz quality actually, because they’re thicker.
They’re stronger.
They’re made of cutting-edge material. And our down-to-the-studs Shugarman’s Way
ensured Jewel would be enjoying a dependable long-lasting foundation.

    Some other important details:

  • Increased Safety: Low-barrier Walk-In Showers with
    accessories like
    grab-bars, shower
    door handles, seating, and well-placed storage sections make cleaning yourself much safer!
    Jewel’s son
    recently underwent leg surgery, and bathing had become too risky. This solved the problem.
  • Beauty: Instead of drab and dreary, their shower enclosure now looks like high-end
    with veins of color
    going through it in a natural way. A huge improvement over their old bare white shower and
    tub. It feels
  • Convenience: Modern studies show a good percentage of San Diego families (and across
    country), don’t
    take as many baths these days. People tend to shower rarely and on special occasions.
    Walk-in showers are
    far more convenient.
  • Less Maintenance: Just because it’s showroom-quality doesn’t mean it’s
    From our special
    non-porous BP-Cor2 material to the superior type of glass we use,
    it’s quite the
    opposite with Bath Planet systems! Despite the kids showering more than usual, it’s super
    easy to clean and

There Was One Small Hiccup Along The Way

Even after all the projects we’ve been through over the years, we still get surprised every once
in a
while. Turned out her old tub had been cemented to the floor. Or, to be more specific, there
random blob of concrete holding the fiberglass to the floor. That caused a piece of tile to
because the concrete had seeped under it, and it broke when we pulled it up.

We put our heads together, designed a solution, and let Jewel know exactly what we were going to
do. The
only difficult part was finding a couple of new tiles that were a perfect match.

But, we broke it. So, we fixed it. Period.

It was quick and smooth, and everything was repaired so her foundation was absolutely
rock-solid. Her
vision in terms of the wall pattern, colors, glass, storage/shelving, and stylish hardware
options came
together fabulously!

Interested? We’ve Got Answers To Your Questions

If you’re interested in a walk-in shower or shower remodeling in general for your San
home, reach out and Contact Shugarman’s Bath today. We’re happy to answer
all your
questions and address any concerns you might have while considering your options.

With us, you know you’re going to be taken care of. We’re going to treat you right and bend
backward to ensure you get the perfect walk-in shower to suit your needs…and your budget.
Thanks for
your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.