How To Pick The Right Bathtub Surround

July 5, 2024

What To Consider When Choosing The
Surround For Your Mission Viejo
Home’s Bathtub Remodel

Enhance Your Bathtub Style
With The Perfect Surround

Getting a bathtub remodel for your Mission Viejo home is a thrilling experience. Whether your existing tub is unsightly or you’re in the market for a style upgrade, with the right choices, you can create the perfect spa-like oasis.

Of course, the biggest decision will be what type of bathtub you install. However, you’ll also need to consider other important features like fixtures, accessories, and the bathtub surround.

While it can be easy to forget throughout the planning stages, the bathtub surround will complete your bath space. Choosing the right style and material is essential to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Choosing The Right Materials During Your Bathtub Remodel

Tile has long been a favorite of homeowners throughout the Orange County area. It pairs well with many bathtub styles and, when installed correctly, provides the waterproof barrier needed to protect the walls around your tub.

However, it comes with some significant drawbacks. The primary one is the grout that holds it in place. Grout is incredibly hard to maintain. It requires constant care and cleaning to prevent mildew growth and staining.

In addition, you’ll need to have it replaced periodically to ensure your tiles remain firmly in place. Another problem with tile is that it’s often quite fragile. Prone to cracking and chipping, you could end up with significant water damage behind a tile bathtub surround.

Many bathroom remodelers offer acrylic options. These lack durability and are often magnets for bacterial buildup, which can quickly lead to hard-to-banish mildew problems.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we have an excellent alternative that’s easy to clean and beautiful. Our premium products are made with resilient, non-porous BP-Cor2 material. They’re also manufactured with Microban technology, so they have self-disinfecting properties.

Unlike tile, it won’t chip or crack. However, if you’re partial to the appearance of the tile, we can customize your bathtub surround to mimic it so flawlessly that you can’t tell the difference.

Consider A Color That Will Complement Your Bathtub Style

It is important to create a cohesive design in your bathroom. You’ll want to consider colors that complement the rest of your space and the bathtub style you select. If you have a separate walk-in shower, matching the surrounds is a great idea to create a seamless transition throughout the room.

While you may want to create a stunning focal point by installing a new bathtub, choosing a shocking color scheme may overwhelm the space. Also, choosing abrasive colors can remove the soothing atmosphere you’d like to enjoy while experiencing a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

We have over 20 amazing colors to choose from, allowing you to stretch your creative muscles when designing your new bath area. During your stress-free, zero-pressure design consultation, we’ll cover all the options and help you choose which will work best for you.

Determining The Appropriate Size Of Your Tub
Surround For Your Mission Viejo Home

If you choose a bath remodeling specialist like Shugarman’s Bath, you’ll have the option to customize your bath surround. Many remodelers in the Orange County area use cookie-cutter options that leave little room for personalization.

We believe in custom fitting our bathtub remodels to our customer’s specifications, including the bathtub surrounds. When we complete your initial design consultation, we’ll evaluate your bath space and help you determine the best surround size.

It will depend on certain factors, such as how much space you have available and the tub size you select. We’ll measure everything to ensure that your custom-fit bathtub surround matches your new bathtub.

Choosing The Right Bath Remodeling Specialist

Finally, when choosing the right surround for your bathtub remodel, you must select the candidate to complete the job. Because the bath area is such an important part of the bathroom, you need a bath remodeling specialist.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we understand the importance of getting down to the studs to find any damage beneath your existing bathtub and surround. If we find anything, we fix it on the spot before continuing with the installation.

This process ensures there won’t be any hidden leaks or rot behind your new surround or under the tub. Not all bathroom remodelers complete this step, which can quickly put your new remodel at risk for failure.

If you’re ready for a reliable, showroom-quality bathroom remodel in Mission Viejo, turn to the best at Shugarman’s Bath. Call us today at (619) 332-2220 to schedule a free estimate.