How To Know If It’s Time for a New Walk-In Tub Shower

February 2, 2023

When To Install A New Walk-In Tub In Your San Diego, CA, Bathroom

Our Bathroom Remodel Company Wants To Help You Prepare For This Step With Our Bathtub Systems

As we age, or when our physical needs change, it’s difficult knowing when and when not to replace appliances and fixtures in our San Diego homes to better accommodate us. Some upgrades are a large investment, so we want to ensure we choose our expenditures wisely. Determining what we want and what we need can be tricky.

One of those decisions comes in the form of walk-in tubs. Walk-in tubs serve a particular purpose and are not meant for everyone. Some homeowners don’t need the added features and won’t utilize their tubs as intended. However, others will truly appreciate a walk-in tub and use it to their benefit. At Shugarman’s Bath, we want to help our customers make this big decision.

Use these helpful tips when considering installing a new walk-in tub to make the best decision for you.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Investing In A Walk-In Tub

  • Have your physical needs evolved beyond your existing tub or shower? Tubs and showers serve a purpose for a certain time, and then they may no longer serve us. High tub lips can easily become a safety risk as we age, forcing us to seek alternatives.
  • Are you prone to slips and falls? No matter how old or agile, we can be victims of slips or falls. However, some of us are more prone than others and need extra reinforcement to keep us upright. Balance becomes an issue when we age, making traditional tubs harder to maneuver.
  • Can you benefit from hydrotherapy? Walk-in tubs come with many added feature options, including water massage jets. Hydrotherapy is perfect for athletes, those with arthritis, and those suffering from fibromyalgia. If you’re tired of living with stiff and achy joints and muscles, walk-in tubs are perfect for you.
  • Are you looking for a spa-like experience? It’s easy to create at-home spas with walk-in tubs. Besides hydrotherapy, you can enjoy air bubble therapy, color chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and ozone therapy. Unwind and breathe deeply with a new walk-in tub and find your calm again.
  • Is your family worried about your safety? It’s hard to admit when we’re not as young as we used to be. Sometimes our families and those closest to us are the first to bring this to your attention. Walk-in tubs give you greater safety and give your friends and family peace of mind.

If You Answered Yes To Any Or All Of Those Questions, You’re A Perfect Candidate For A Walk-In Tub

There are incredible benefits to installing a new walk-in tub, from greater safety to relaxation galore. Regardless of your age or health status, anyone can enjoy the rewards of a walk-in tub, but those who require the benefits for their health may find it irresistible.

Let’s look at the features you can add to personalize your tub to your wants and needs. Hydrotherapy jet massage has ten water jets that massage and relax the body, while air bubble therapy involves 18 air spa jets that release thousands of tiny bubbles to create a gentle caressing massage.

Color chromotherapy uses colored lights in the water to improve mood and to enhance relaxation. Aromatherapy sachet bags are available to enhance your bathing experience. Plus, ozone therapy and purification aid in healing skin conditions. No matter what features you decide to incorporate in your customization, walk-in tubs will improve your quality of life.

Who Should You Hire To Install Your New Walk-In Tub?

At Shugarman’s Bath, we go above and beyond standard installation techniques, giving you detailed and meticulous craftsmanship guaranteed to last. Our 4-step remodeling process addresses everything, giving you maximum value for your investment. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Strip Your Wet Space Down To The Studs

Instead of covering up problems, like some competitors, our team demos everything in the wet area down to the studs. Then, we address any underlying moisture or plumbing issues, ensuring a solid foundation to rebuild your new bathroom from the ground up.

Step Two: Methodically Repair ALL Underlying Damage And Issues

We don’t slap band-aids over moisture and stud damage – we repair it, fixing any plumbing issues we find. Then we get rid of the old mess and solidify the foundation of your new bath or shower space.

Step Three: Install Premium Foundational And Supportive Materials

Shugarman’s family-approved, factory-trained, and certified installers change your p-trap and the shower valve, use a superior waterproof backer board, and they rebuild everything that you don’t see, so everything you do see performs exceptionally well for life!

Step Four: Deliver On Our 4-Layer “Never Leak” System

Our “Never Leak” system involves a superior waterproof DensShield backer board, a new high-quality shower pan, installing inside corner strips, and our non-porous BP-Cor2 material.

Install Your New Walk-In Tub With Shugarman’s Bath, A Family-Owned San Diego, CA, Company

Our walk-in tubs give you a stress-free and safer hygiene routine – before you know it, your baths will be the best part of your San Diego, CA, day! At Shugarman’s Bath, we sell the only UL-approved tub on the market, ensuring tub safety through rigorous electrical and general product safety testing standards that very few walk-in tubs have ever achieved.

Plus, our sizes accommodate most existing tub spaces and make your installation as non-invasive and time-efficient as possible. You can choose from dozens of color choices, wall patterns, and accessory options to design a showcase-quality enclosure you’ll love. We also stand behind our workmanship for LIFE, letting you soak and relax more.

Call us today for a free estimate before starting your next walk-in tub remodeling project!