How To Create A Luxury Shower

May 24, 2024

Luxury Shower Remodeling In Laguna Niguel By Shugarman’s Bath

Five Easy Steps To Create A Luxury Shower
Remodel For Your Laguna Niguel Home

Bring Your Walk-In Shower Dreams
To Life With Orange County’s Best
Bath Remodeling Specialist

Choosing the right company for shower remodeling in Laguna Niguel ensures you will get the most from your experience. Instead of only being offered cookie-cutter options, you’ll have the opportunity to create a fabulous luxury walk-in shower.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we custom-order every bath and shower system we install to ensure it meets the specific needs of each Orange County homeowner. From start to finish, you’ll be involved in your project and kept updated with proactive communication.

To create the perfect luxury shower remodel, you’ll need to follow a few key steps. We’ve outlined them for you but are also always ready to help you transform your bathroom into the ideal relaxing space you’ve always wanted.

1. Choose The Right Bath Remodeling Company

The first step in any shower remodel is choosing the right company for the job. Many Orange County bathroom remodelers have limitations on what you can choose for your new walk-in shower.

You won’t face these challenges when you choose our team at Shugarman’s Bath. Instead, you can customize your new shower to be the ideal size for your needs and bathroom.

Additionally, an important but often overlooked part of the remodeling process is stripping the bath area down to the studs. This allows the bath remodeler to identify and fix any underlying problems before installing the new shower system.

Unfortunately, not all remodelers complete this step, which can lead to significant problems in a very short time. Once you find the ideal company to complete your shower remodeling project, it’s time to move on to the exciting planning steps.

2. Determining The Size Of Your New Walk-In Shower

Your new shower doesn’t have to be the same size as your current shower. During your design consultation, you’ll partner with the company’s consultant to determine the specifics of your project. One of the most important factors will be the dimensions of your shower.

We can handle nearly anything when it comes to accommodating oddball sizes and shapes. In addition, if you want an extra-long shower, it’s not a problem for us. We’ve created 8-foot-long showers with great success.

As for the bases, there’s almost no limit to our abilities. We offer a wide range of shapes, including rectangles, trapezoids, and neo-angles for your perfect shower.

3. Customizations For Your Shower Remodel

You can also add customizations to your shower remodel to enhance the overall luxury experience it offers. Many homeowners overlook the importance of storage when designing their new walk-in showers and are left with clutter when bathing products litter their shower space.

That’s why it’s important to consider all your options for built-in shelving and personalized storage options. Niche storage is attractive and out of the way, adding to the beauty and efficiency of any shower.

Another feature to consider is the showerheads you want to have installed. With all the options available, your selection can determine how luxurious your shower is. You may even want to install multiple showerheads for the ultimate relaxation experience.

4. Choosing The Right Shower Doors And Materials

When you invest in a shower remodel, you want it to last. It shouldn’t break down or need repairs in just a few short years. Additionally, choosing easy-to-clean options will enhance your experience, as you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing and buffing.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we only use premium materials in all our installations. They’re tested and proven to stand the test of time. Our bath and shower systems are nonporous and built with Microban technology, which ensures you won’t face bacterial buildup.

When it comes to shower doors, we use high-quality glass that has been custom-coated and treated. Imagine only having to run a squeegee over the glass to keep it clean!

5. Selecting The Ideal Color Scheme
For Your Walk-In Shower

Choosing the right color for your walk-in shower can set the tone for a luxurious experience. We offer a multitude of colors that will create the ideal soothing setting for a relaxing shower. In addition, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your overall bathroom color scheme.

We also have a ton of beautiful fixtures to choose from, allowing you to complete the total picture of your bathroom remodel.

Choose Shugarman’s Bath For Next-Level
Luxury Shower Remodeling

When you’re ready to embark on a luxury shower remodel in Laguna Niguel, turn to the team that cares. Call Shugarman’s Bath today at (619) 332-2220 for a free quote.