How To Choose The Right Contractor For Your Shower or Bathtub Remodel

December 1, 2022

What To Look For In A Great Contractor For Your San Diego, CA, Bathroom Remodel

Find The Right Company To Do Your Shower Or Bathtub Remodel

Shopping around for a reputable and quality contractor to do your San Diego, CA, shower or bathtub remodel is stressful. Sometimes, finding the right one is half the battle. Trusting someone to invade your home, rip out your old shower or tub, and install a new one is a lot to take on. At Shugarman’s Bath, we want to help ease this extra hassle by narrowing down what to look for in a great contractor. It’s essential to be informed as much as possible to avoid being taken advantage of and losing time and money. Here are some key qualities to look for in a contractor before hiring them for the job.

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

Though it’s required that contractors be licensed to work in the state of California, some try to get away without it. However, it’s crucial that your contractor be licensed to ensure the highest quality of work. We recommended asking the contractor for their license first off before taking any further steps. You can also look up your contractor’s license via the CSLB license lookup page to see if they’re bonded and insured. Being bonded ensures your job will get done according to all state regulations and requirements. Plus, if a contractor has a claim filed against them by a customer or the state of California, the surety company will fully investigate the claim. Being insured is just as important as being bonded and licensed. Without workers’ compensation insurance, homeowners can be held responsible for any injuries that occur on their property, leading to possible lawsuits. When a contractor is insured, you’ll never be held liable.

Local Reputation

When researching bathroom remodeling contractors, it’s also important to read reviews on the company, as these are great indicators on how well they actually perform. Any company can say they’re great, but customers don’t know until they get one-on-one experience with them. Look for a company with great reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and BBB. We also recommend ensuring your contractor has a local location, as this most likely indicates they’re more than a one person show. A location is an indicator that the contractor may have staff and other people helping run a smooth operation and isn’t working out of their basement solo. If you can’t find a local location for the contractor, it isn’t very likely that you will have a project that runs smoothly, timely communication, and offer a strong warranty.


As with all relationships, communication is key between a contractor and their client. Also, clear communication is not necessarily just keeping customers updated — it’s about listening to their concerns and questions along the way. Never trust a contractor that simply talks at you – trust one that promotes healthy discussion and listens. Proactive communication keeps the flow of the whole process moving forward, ensuring everyone is happy throughout. Good communicators also keep their customers in the know, informing them of helpful project details, including deadlines and costs. Reliable contractors draft clear contracts that are easy to understand and free of any questionable aspects, giving their customers peace of mind. They also won’t wait to reach out to you if any unforeseeable changes arise, always keeping you up to speed.

Experienced Installation

After establishing if a bathroom remodeling contractor is insured and licensed, ensure they have the experience to do the job. Browsing through their completed jobs galleries can give you a helpful idea of how their finished projects look. Great installers are well-versed in the shower and bathtub industries, always looking to grow and learn the latest innovative installation techniques. In-the-field training gives installers valuable experience, as many people don’t realize what to do until they’re faced with a certain issue. Experienced installers know that nobody wins when corners are cut, paying attention to the smallest details. Many bathtub and shower installers will try to get away with simply replacing the old product, but superior installers know that rebuilding a strong foundation is essential in establishing a tub or shower’s structural integrity.

Top-Quality Products

Before settling on a contractor, ensure they offer the best shower and bathtub products. Many bathroom remodeling contractors try to get away with selling cheap, inferior products to keep their costs down. However, these products end up cracking, staining, and chipping soon after installation, making homeowners spend more on replacement costs. Premium shower and bathtub products ensure long-lasting durability, keeping your bathroom looking beautiful and functional for years or even decades. Proven bathroom products have undergone rigorous testing and have stood the real test of time. Great contractors offer great products and are often recognized by accolades from places like Good Housekeeping. Plus, quality products are always back with premium warranties, preferably Lifetime Warranties. Knowing a job is well-done starts with a product you know will last.

When It Comes To Your San Diego, CA, Shower Or Bathtub Remodel, Look No Further For A Trusted Contractor

At Shugarman’s Bath, when our customers choose us, we eliminate the hassle of finding a trusted San Diego, CA, contractor – we provide our customers with security in their decision. We are guided by our customer-first core values, ensuring all our business practices remain focused and ethical. Our low-stress process gives our customers peace of mind knowing they’ve hired a company that cares about their time and money. We know the value of a great contractor and want to pass our experience and knowledge on to you. Call us today for a free estimate before starting your next bathroom project!