How to Budget For A Shower Or Bathtub Renovation

December 6, 2022

How To Budget For Your San Diego, CA, Shower Or Bathtub Renovation

Financial Considerations To Keep In Mind Before Starting Your Bathtub Replacement

For many San Diego, CA, homeowners, a shower or bathtub remodel sounds overwhelming. Not only are there material and style options to consider, but there are also significant financial decisions to make along the way. It’s hard to know where to even begin to budget for a shower or bathtub renovation. At Shugarman’s Bath, we want our customers to know all the facts, keeping them informed and empowered before and during the bathroom remodeling process. Knowing how to budget appropriately and what to budget for helps get you prepared and confident in your choices as you move through your project. When budgeting for your shower or bathtub renovation, here are some things to consider to keep you and your family monetarily on track.

Find The Right Company

Finding an honest and reliable bathroom remodeling company is half the battle when preparing to budget for your renovation. Doing the proper research upfront helps ensure your bathroom remodeling company is dependable and respects your time and budget. Look for companies with great reviews on Google, Yelp, and BBB, as well as other reputable review sites. It’s also vital that your renovation company has a contractors license – it’s never a bad idea to ask for proof of license and their number up front. When you look up their license via the CSLB look up page, you can also see if your contractor is bonded and has workers’ compensation insurance. This is crucial because without insurance, homeowners can be held responsible for injured workers. Ensure your company has a local location, as well – this indicates that the contractor may have staff and other employees helping run a smooth operation. If the “company” consists of one person, it’s likely you’ll find bumps in the road, lack of communication, and a weak warranty with your purchase.

Factor In Unexpected Expenses

It’s always better to budget a bit on the high end, as unexpected expenditures typically pop up. Giving yourself some leeway with your budget will help keep you in line without falling far off the deep end. It’s usually best to budget within a reasonable range instead of sticking to one number. However, if you have found the right company, unexpected issues will be covered under the company’s Lifetime Warranty. A great company doesn’t just cover up problems in the bathroom – they will demo everything in the wet area down to the studs, searching for any underlying moisture or plumbing issues and ensure they can rebuild from the ground up. The right company will repair all moisture and stud damage, get rid of the old mess, and solidify the foundation of your new bath or shower space. Certified installers will fix everything you don’t see, like changing your p-trap, the shower valve, using superior waterproof backer board, so everything you do see performs exceptionally well for life!

Make A List Of Replacement Needs And Wants

Making a list of your shower or bathtub replacement requirements, followed by a wishlist of wants, will help you organize the things you need and the things you would like to have. Once you find a bathroom fixture that meets your necessary demands, it’s easier to access the leftover money you have in your budget. If money is left over, you can add some accessories you would like to have to elevate your bathtub or shower. A good bathroom contractor can offer you several options that meet your requirements and give you an estimate based on those needs. With the correct information, you may also find yourself willing to sacrifice something you thought you needed to get an accessory you’d like better. Knowing what’s available in your price range will give you a better idea of how to budget for your whole project.

Splurge On Dependable Installation

When budgeting for a shower or bathtub renovation, it can be hard to figure out what you should spend more on and what is worth saving. Some homeowners think they can save a buck by installing the product themselves, but professional installation is something you don’t want to skimp on when remodeling. You can have the finest shower in the world, but if it’s installed incorrectly, you risk severe damage to your bathroom and home. Additionally, many DIY bathroom renovators often spend more on replacements and damages later. You can depend on an excellent professional installation to give you solid tub or shower foundational support, to keep your walls behind your wet area moisture-free, and to come with a labor guarantee.

Factor In Resale Value

Bathroom renovations have one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for home renovations, so if your renovation is done expertly, you won’t be throwing money away. It can be helpful to consider this factor when planning your shower or bathtub renovation budget, as choosing a highly skilled company with a history of meticulous installations will only add value to the overall cost of your home. Factoring in resale value may help you decide between choices, as potential homebuyers care deeply about the quality and colors of bathroom fixtures. It’s one less thing they need to renovate themselves, making your house all the more appealing to buy.

Shugarman’s Bath In San Diego, CA, Has The Perfect Shower Or Bathtub Replacement For Any Budget

At Shugarman’s Bath, we understand our San Diego, CA, customers come equipped with various budgets, making our customizable selections all the more appealing. You’ll indeed find something that works for your bathroom and budget, giving you stunning, long-lasting results. Our family-run company respects your time and money, listening to your cares and concerns throughout the whole process. Our customer-first core values ensure our customers can count on us to deliver accurate quotes, stick to our word, and provide excellent results every time. Your money goes a long way when you work with us! Call us today for a free estimate before starting your next bathroom project!