How Our Payments Plans Make New Bathtubs Affordable

March 17, 2023

How Shugarman’s Versatile Payment Plans Can Help Make Your Bath Remodel More Affordable

We Know Bathroom Remodeling is Expensive, But Read This Before Counting Yourself Out!

Reactions vary when folks hear the price of high-quality bathtub remodeling. Sometimes, they’ll give us a call, and after asking a few basic questions, we’ll give them a price range, and they’ll say,

“Oh, that’s way too much.”

Or, they’ll wait to speak with our specialist during an initial design consultation at their home, and once they hear the price…well, nothing else seems to matter. They just know they aren’t prepared to spend that much.

Or, perhaps they overheard friends chatting about the price they paid, and they think,

“I’m not even going to bother reaching out because that’s not in my budget.”

Well, with our payment programs, there are tons of ways to afford your new tub/shower system. Because sometimes, the worst thing you can do is nothing.

  • Bath remodels aren’t getting cheaper, and the need for a remodel is only going to increase. With recent inflation, prices have gone up 20-30% in the last couple of years alone. If you choose a remodel that lasts a lifetime, this is an investment in your home.
  • What if you’re dealing with a safety issue? In that case, it’s important to get it done and avoid costly injuries.
  • If it’s because your bathroom’s old, how expensive will it be when it eventually fails (if it hasn’t already)?

Here at Shugarman’s Bath, HALF of the bath remodeling projects we’re involved in are financed. The reigning logic is, why use your own cash when you can use the banks? Then pay off the loan over time at a lower interest rate than the recent rising cost of remodels, or pay the total anytime you want with no prepayment penalties.

How Our Payment Programs Help*

  • No interest payment plans. This way, you can get your bathtub remodel done, then pay it off in a year or two without any interest. You could also use this approach to increase the value of your home prior to a sale. This way, you realize the ROI from the remodel, sell your home, then easily pay off the loan with your proceeds.
  • No interest with low payments over 24 months. How about taking the total cost of your remodel and spreading the payments out over 24 months without paying any interest? That’s a little easier than swallowing the entire cost all at once, plus at zero interest, there is little reason NOT to do it.
  • Low-interest plans spread out over 5 or 10 years. Occasionally, we have rates available that are lower than a HELOC. This way, you can get a monthly payment closer to $150 / month. Pay it off early with no prepayment penalties.

*Disclaimer: These are all examples of plans/interest rates we have been able to offer at one time or another. Actual rates and offerings change constantly and depend on what you are approved for and what we have available at the time. These are meant to serve as new ways to think about a remodel project with financing.

Have Further Financing Questions? We’ve Got Answers

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