How Long Does A Shower Remodel Take?

February 7, 2023

How Long Does A Shower Remodel Take For Your San Diego, CA, Bathroom?

Learn How The Length Of Your Remodel Is Determined By The Quality Of Your Bathroom Remodel Company

The length of San Diego, CA, shower remodels differ widely – some companies allow up to a month, while others can get the job done in 1–2 days. It’s hard to know what to believe and what to expect when you’re planning for your shower remodel. After all, no one wants to be out of a shower or bathroom for long.

Many factors go into how long a shower remodel takes, including the size of the project, what you’re getting installed, and any unexpected underlying damage that needs addressing. However, the main factor determining the length is your chosen bathroom remodeling company.

If you hire a highly-skilled, expertly-trained, and experienced contractor, you’re looking at a 1–2 day remodel. If your contractor is inexperienced and ill-prepared for your remodel, you might experience more setbacks and a much longer remodel.

What Is Involved In A 1–2 Day Shower Remodel?

Hiring a dependable and reputable company can get you a 1–2 day shower remodel with all the benefits and detailed attention as any other wet-area remodel. Bathroom accessibility is crucial to our day-to-day lives, so 1–2 day shower remodels are highly appealing and worth every penny.

However, only some companies that do 1–2 day remodeling can deliver quality and meticulous installations. Many companies cut corners, rush through their work, and forget the details. A great 1–2 day shower remodeling company uses an expert team of skilled installers, trained in all areas of the process, from demoing and waterproofing to finish work.

A typical 2-day job looks like this: it starts with the demo and plumbing work in the morning. Then, they set the shower base or tub and install the backer board in the afternoon. The following day, they install panels, accessories, and silicone before thoroughly cleaning up.

What Does A 7-Day Shower Remodel Look Like?

Because most companies don’t train their teams in all areas of the shower remodel, most processes involve more time and more people. For example, one team will do the demo work and another will do the waterproofing, followed by another team that does the installation.

Plus, many companies hire subcontractors to come in and fix any underlying plumbing issues. When subcontractors are involved, there’s no telling how long things will take, as they are not always held accountable by the remodeling company that hires them. Days can go by without updates, as there’s usually no sense of urgency.

A typical 7-day shower remodel may look like this:

  • Day 1 – Demo (1 crew, finish early, no work done rest of the day)
  • Day 2 – Plumbing (separate plumber)
  • Day 3 – Hot mop or other waterproofing
  • Day 4 – Backer board / niche framing
  • Day 5 – Tile installation
  • Day 6 – Grouting
  • Day 7 – Fixture installation/shower door install

Of course, the project may be shorter with a skilled crew, but it could also be longer if things don’t go as planned. Also, more complex jobs require more time. Plus, if one of the crews makes a mistake, someone has to come back and fix the error, making the total length of your project unpredictable.

What Other Factors Determine A Remodel Length?

Besides the company you hire, the project scale and shower materials are the next determining factors. Some companies that are ill-equipped for complex jobs may take much longer than those that are properly prepared. For example, if you’re adding shower accessories, like built-in seating or storage, be ready for a longer remodel with most companies.

The materials you choose to install also significantly affect the length of the process. The installation process can consume multiple days if you plan on using conventional tile. However, shower walls made of BP-Cor2, a non-porous material, take much less time to install and hold up much better than traditional tile or fiberglass.

Shugarman’s Bath Delivers Stunning And Reliable 1–2 Day San Diego, CA, Shower Remodels

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