Here’s Why We Specialize In Baths And Showers

May 31, 2024

3 Ways Our Focus On Tubs And Showers Have
Made Us Rockstars In Bathroom Remodeling

Our Specialty Makes Us Better Than Plumbers, Traditional
General Contractors, And The “Handyman”

You wouldn’t hire a general practitioner to work on your heart – you’d want a cardiologist and heart surgeon.

You know, a specialist.

In a similar fashion, your bath’s tub and shower area is best served by a specialist – not a general contractor, plumber, or whole home remodeler.

Why, you ask? Well, your bath and shower are the trickiest areas of the home, and remodeling mistakes in these areas can prove disastrous.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we’re tub and shower specialists. We won’t remodel your kitchen or replace your roof. But we will remodel your Orange County bath and shower with pristine results you’ll love.

#1 Our Process Is 5x Faster Than Non-Specialists

At Shugarman’s Bath, our bathroom remodels take one to two days.

That’s start to finish once installation begins.

From the demolition phase to cutting the ribbon on a completed project, your project will be done in a jiffy.

And that’s not the case with most general contractors, plumbers, and other types of non-specialists. Someone who is more general could easily take one to two weeks. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a bathroom remodel to take over a month with other contractors.

So, why are we so much faster?

Well, we’re specialists – baths and showers are what we do. In fact, baths and showers are ALL we do.

Baths. Showers.

Showers. Baths.


#2 Our Long-Term Value Is Better

We offer the best bathroom remodeling value you’ll find in Orange County.

This doesn’t mean we’re the cheapest – we’re not. But we’re not the most expensive, either.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we deliver pristine results while also controlling our costs and keeping the price down for you. As a result, we deliver the best value.

Here’s how we do it (vs. how the “other guys” typically do it):

  • The Traditional General Contractor’s Process: A general contractor must sub out parts of your wet area remodel. And, of course, they have to pay each and every subcontractor for the work they complete. On top of that, they have to take a cut for themselves. As a client, you’re paying for all of it. And, ultimately, you’re not receiving as much bang for your buck as you should.
  • The Handyman Process: The “Jack of All Trades” handyman may keep your (initial) costs low. After all, they perform the work themselves, so you’re not dealing with subcontractors. However, you can expect materials and installation results that won’t last as long as they should. So, you may pay more in the long run when faced with costly repairs. And since it’s a single person juggling multiple projects at a time, continuity on your job and consistent communication become very challenging. As a result, the project could take weeks, if not months, to “finish.”
  • The Shugarman’s Bath Process: We don’t use subcontractors. Instead, we use full-time crews who are on our staff. So, we’re able to better control our costs AND our quality. In other words, you’re going directly to the source when you hire Shugarman’s Bath. We’re not one business hiring out several businesses. We’re specialists and already have everyone we need for a job well done. And we offer a lifetime warranty on all bath and shower remodels.

In addition, since we’re specialists, it’s easy for us to develop quick solutions for any potential service or warranty issue you may face. We have a great support staff and process warranty requests fast.

#3 There Are No Surprises – Ever!

At Shugarman’s Bath, we have a “Never Any Extras” Guarantee. This means you won’t pay for surprises that aren’t included in your quote.

You see, when we rip up an old bathtub or shower, there’s no telling what we’ll find. Mold, leaks, rotten studs, plumbing issues, unlevel subfloor – you name it, and we’ve seen it.

We’re never surprised or overwhelmed by what we find during the demolition phase.

However, someone who doesn’t specialize in wet areas may not be aware of the problems that often lie behind the walls.

So, when they do find issues, they’re surprised. And they may charge you extra to fix the problems they discover.

Well, with Shugarman’s, you almost certainly won’t pay extra.

Aside from the rare occasion where an issue is entirely outside of our control (i.e. termite colonies we aren’t equipped to handle), your quoted price is fixed and won’t change.

Are you searching for a bathroom remodeling company in Orange County or San Diego that ONLY focuses on baths and showers? If so, our Shugarman’s Bath team has you covered. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

We service all of Orange County, including but not limited to Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and Santa Ana. Our service area also covers all of San Diego.