Heads Up: Our Quote Might Be Higher Than Expected

January 26, 2023

Heads Up: Our Quote Might Be A Little Higher Than You Expect…

Some Of Our Customers Report Feeling “Sticker Shock.” Let’s Try And Help You Overcome It… If Possible.

Most San Diego homeowners only invest in a small handful of home remodeling projects throughout the time they own any given property. This means they have no solid frame of reference for what these projects should cost.

Is that you?

In talking with our customer family, we’ve found a clear majority thought a new high-quality wet area system (bath/shower area) should run them about $8,000 to $10,000 – with some going as low as $5,000!

And that’s understandable. Except… those prices are from the 2000-2005’ish timeframe.

They’re outdated!

Bottom Line: Our average project is more like $13,000, adjusting for the natural inflation of things over time (labor, tools, transportation, custom manufacturing, etc.) and the increased value of the modern materials in our Reveal Series products. Not to mention our streamlined installation techniques.

Could you find contractors that’ll quote what APPEARS to be “the same thing” with smaller sticker prices?


But it’s impossible to install elite-level bathroom systems for less.

Here’s why:

  • Product Quality: We ONLY install the industry’s finest materials. This includes the stuff you see (laser-etched grout lines, shower bases reinforced with sound-deadening spray foam, etc.) and the stuff behind the walls (waterproof backer board instead of green board, brand new p trap and shower valve, etc.). With Shugarman’s, you KNOW you’re investing in premium materials you can count on that deliver long-term value.
  • Installation Matters: Any average contractor can slap up some tile. But will the grout lines line up? Will the plumbing leak after a few months? Will the caulk lines be neat? Will the grab bars be installed with proper reinforcement? Will they fix it if something isn’t perfect? Bottom line –  precision workmanship is a Shugarman’s calling card!
  • Details You Can’t See: At Shugarman’s, we focus on a down-to-the-studs approach because it’s critical to address hidden problems and rebuild a solid foundation for your new wet area. Water-damaged studs? No problem. Unlevel walls? We can work with it! We also know how to customize and personalize your bath/shower enclosure with all the accessories that matter to our customers.
  • Warranty: Why don’t average bathroom remodeling products have good warranty coverage, if any at all? Because they aren’t designed to last. They aren’t built to withstand the rigors of your bathroom and usage for a reasonable period. On the other hand, you and your new wet area system are 100% covered with Shugarman’s Bath.

Unless we can sit down and walk you through these facts and comparisons, how could you possibly be expected to know?

Outside the remodeling industry, almost no one understands this stuff… because it all looks the same.

A tub is a tub… is a tub, right?

A shower is a shower… is a shower, right?


Real value costs more because it requires more – design, high-quality materials, and precision installation. You can pay less, but you’ll get what you pay for. Don’t do that to yourself (or your pocketbook)!

Some people might say we’re insane to be transparent with our customers and post pricing on our website – they say we should wait until our sales/product presentation, and then come in with a big “hammer” and “close” contracts.

They must be nuts… people aren’t just contracts or invoice numbers to us!

At Shugarman’s Bath, we’re all about transparency, honesty, integrity, and customer advocacy.

In fact, if you have a quote from another company and would like us to help you decipher it, we’d be thrilled to do so! Because if we can’t trust each other right now – on our website – how can you trust us with an important remodel in your home?

Reach Out & Let’s Take A Closer Look

The team here at Shugarman’s Bath is happy to talk you through the details and ensure everything is perfectly clear. Let’s look at the different features and benefits, your many styling/accessories options, and what you can expect from us throughout the process. Reach out, contact us today, and let’s get your bathroom remodeling project started!