Does Converting A Shower To Tub Hurt Resale Value?

May 16, 2023

Does Converting A Shower To Tub Hurt A Clairemont, CA, Home’s Resale Value?

The Truth About This Wet Area Remodeling Investment

If your Clairemont, CA, home doesn’t have a bathtub in any of the bathrooms, you may wonder if adding one will hurt the resale value. Whether you plan to sell now or in the future, it’s essential to factor in what can affect your bottom line and profit margin. A shower-to-tub conversion can impact your home’s value in several ways.

In most cases, the effects of swapping your shower for a tub are positive. We’ll explore how this remodeling project can improve resale value and discuss any potential downsides to this choice.

Potential Home Buyers Expect At Least One Tub

When buyers begin viewing your home, they’ll generally expect to find at least one bathtub. Most want to see it in the master suite, where there will be some combination of a shower and bathtub.

In addition, having a bathtub on the main level of the home is another great incentive for home buyers, as it increases accessibility. For those with small children and even pets, having a bathtub is essential for bath time. If your home doesn’t feature at least one, you could miss out on the sale.

Most home buyers are looking for turnkey properties where they can move in without needing to finance any remodeling projects, including a shower-to-tub conversion. So, if you don’t currently have a bathtub, you may want to take the time to consider adding one now.

Better Property Listings And Responses

An interesting fact about property listings is that bathrooms with just a shower stall and no bathtub are listed as three-quarter baths. When you have both, they’re listed as full baths. The difference can significantly impact how well your home listing draws attention from potential home buyers.

Your listing is your first opportunity to make an excellent impression on buyers. From your photos to the details about your home, this is your time to make your San Diego area property shine. Having a bathtub can increase the attention and offers you receive.

Benefits Of A Shower-To-Tub Conversion

Beyond increasing your Clairemont, CA, home’s resale value, you’ll gain several excellent benefits from converting a shower to a bathtub. They can make it easier for bathing when showering is difficult, especially if you choose a walk-in tub option

If you enjoy a long, luxurious soak in a tub, investing in this wet area remodel option is a great idea. Having all the options you want for your space will allow you to enjoy it even more.

Bathtubs also offer many therapeutic qualities. When your muscles are tired and aching, a relaxing bath can help soothe them better than a shower.

The Downsides Of A Shower-To-Bath Conversion

While adding a bathtub can benefit your San Diego area home, there are some downsides. They use more water per use than a shower. In addition, they are less energy-efficient due to needing to be filled with hot water. Showers only need to reach their target temperature.

Tubs take up more space than shower stalls. On average, one will require 13 square feet, while a shower stall will require around 9 square feet. Because of this, versatility lies with showers. Tubs have many more limitations on where they can be placed and what size room can accommodate them.

For example, if you have a small bathroom, you may be unable to install a bathtub. Corner tubs are an option for some smaller spaces; however, your new fixture may overwhelm the area, making it seem cluttered and cramped.

For those with accessibility needs, bathtubs are not ideal unless you choose a walk-in tub or step-thru insert. A traditional-style tub poses a risk for falls. Walk-in showers, however, can be modified to be much safer for everyone, with a non-slip base, safety accessories, and a built-in bench.

Increase Your Clairemont, CA, Home’s Resale Value With A Shower-To-Tub Conversion From Shugarman’s Bath

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