Do Walk-In Bathtubs Installed In Chula Vista, CA, Homes Leak?

June 22, 2023

Do Walk-In Bathtubs Installed In Chula Vista, CA, Homes Leak?

Debunking The Number One Myth About Walk-In Tubs

If you need to improve the accessibility of your Chula Vista, CA, home’s bathroom, a walk-in tub is a great option. It can also provide additional comfort with full-immersion soaking capabilities and special features for enhanced therapeutic benefits.

While many will tell you all the great things about getting a walk-in tub installation, some will try to caution you against it. One of the most common arguments against this tub style is that it will cause leaks, ruining your bathroom. 

This article will debunk this myth, providing all the information you need to understand how walk-in tubs work. Read on to learn how these tubs safely and effectively contain water, keeping your bathroom dry and protected.

How A Walk-In Tub Is Designed

Unlike a traditional tub, a walk-in bathtub is designed with a door that opens inward, allowing the bather to easily step through the entrance. This eliminates the risk of falling over the rim of the traditional fixture, making the overall experience significantly safer.

Inside the tub is contoured seating, which allows the bather increased convenience. In addition, the base is made with a slip-resistant surface. To use the tub, the bather must be inside with the door closed before turning the water on.

Will Water Leak Through The Door?

It might seem logical to assume that with a door, there’s the potential for water leakage once the tub is full. However, walk-in bathtubs are specifically designed with airtight seals on the doors to prevent leaking. They are equipped with an easy-to-turn handle that creates a watertight enclosure.

The inward swing of the door also adds to the protection against leaking. When the tub is filled, the water pressure will hold the door closed, preventing its accidental opening. You cannot open the door until the tub is fully drained, eliminating the risk of flooding your bathroom.

Select A High-Quality Product To Ensure The Best Results

It’s also important to note that not all walk-in bathtubs are the same. When you choose yours, you need to invest in a premium option guaranteed to last and function appropriately. At Shugarman’s Bath, we go above and beyond with the materials and installation practices we use to deliver the best results to our San Diego area customers.

Our walk-in tubs have six legs in the center portion of the tub instead of the standard four. This results in greater leak protection because the risk of distortion is eliminated. In addition, we have the only UL-approved tub on the market, which means your tub has been rigorously tested for electrical and general safety.

Choosing anything less than the best can result in a walk-in tub that fails to meet your expectations. Cheaply made products can have faulty seals that allow leaking to occur. That’s exactly why we only use premium materials for all our installations.

Proper Installation Is Crucial

Another important factor in ensuring your walk-in bathtub doesn’t leak is hiring the right Chula Vista, CA, wet area specialists for the job. While your new bath system may look amazing when it’s first installed, it won’t last very long if the process isn’t completed correctly.

At Shugarman’s Bath, we use a down-to-the-studs approach with every installation to identify any problems lurking beneath the surface. Before installing your new bath system, we’ll repair or replace any rotted studs, shore up the foundation, and level the floor and walls. 

In addition, we use premium products for every part of the process, not just the fixture itself. Using premium parts for the areas you can’t see ensures what you can see will function at peak performance for life

When other companies cut corners and don’t repair the foundation or use high-quality foundational and support materials, it can result in long-term problems for your walk-in tub. In these situations, you may face leaks, so it’s best to choose a wet area specialist with a reputation for doing the job right every time.

Choose Shugarman’s Bath For A Walk-In Bathtub Installation Done Right In Your Chula Vista, CA, Home

Shugarman’s Bath is the Chula Vista, CA, walk-in tub company that’s driven by customer-first core values. Our strict commitment to delivering quality starts with the team we’ve carefully created and extends to our absolute dedication to providing the ultimate customer satisfaction.

It’s about more than just a premium bath system – your overall experience is central to our business. When you want the best of everything, look no further than Shugarman’s Bath.

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