Complement Your Bathroom With A Shower

April 26, 2024

Enhance The Style Of Your Anaheim Bathroom
With Custom Full Shower Remodeling

Get A Walk-In Shower That
Complements Your Space

When designing your full shower remodeling project in Anaheim, making sure that your shower seamlessly blends into your space and even enhances its style is one of the most important things you should consider.

A shower should be seen as just one part of your bathroom’s cohesive design and play off the style and aesthetic around it. There are a few ways to make your shower blend into your bathroom and create the spa-like environment you have always hoped for.

Shugarman’s Bath has developed a simple guide full of a few tips and tricks to ensure you love the final look of your one-of-a-kind bathroom remodel.

Follow The Color Scheme Of Your Bathroom
When Installing A New Walk-In Shower

Before you start your shower remodel, look around your bathroom. Take note of the colors of the walls, your vanity, or even the subtle colors in your towels. This is the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect color for your unique shower.

There are a few ways you can go about choosing the color. Some homeowners prefer a monochromatic, modern look. You can achieve this by matching the colors in your shower with the colors on your walls or other aspects of your bathroom.

This is a wonderful way to make your shower blend seamlessly into the original design. If you want something that accents your bathroom’s other features, you may want to choose a complementary color for your shower.

Selecting a neutral and classic white is always a wonderful choice. Or, you may want to choose something that features a soft pastel.

Our showers come in a vast selection of colors for homeowners to choose from. We can walk you through the options and select the perfect color for your custom shower.

Include Shelving In Your Anaheim Full
Shower Remodeling Design

Nothing can make your shower stand out in the worst way more than clutter. If shower bottles or other bathing accessories are thrown all over the place, your shower will quickly become an eyesore rather than a beautiful feature.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this problem. Consider incorporating built-in shelving in the design of your bathroom shower remodel. This will provide ample space for storing your products and a fantastic design feature in your shower.

If you really want to make your shower feel cohesive in your bathroom, try to match the color or design of your built–in shelving with the rest of your features.

Install Fixtures That Match Your Sink
And More To Your Walk-In Shower

One of the best ways to ensure that your new shower blends into your bathroom is to install similar fixtures and hardware that you have throughout.

By choosing the same color or type of hardware, you can give your bathroom a more cohesive look. It also gives you the opportunity to get a little creative. If the rest of your bathroom features luxurious and high-quality fixtures, don’t be afraid to include this in your shower as well.

A luxury rainfall showerhead may be the perfect option for you. You could also consider choosing colors for your hardware that matches other aspects of your bathroom. Maybe choose a black showerhead to match the black in your sink, flooring, or tile.

Take inspiration from your bathroom when you are designing your full shower remodel.

Embrace An Open Walk-In Shower

Perhaps one of the best ways to make sure your shower blends into your bathroom’s design and original layout is to install one that is completely open.

This new style of showers that don’t feature doors or a curtain has become increasingly popular in the Orange County Area over the years. Shugarman’s Bath can install a gorgeous open-concept shower with waterproofing features to ensure the rest of your bathroom remains protected. We’ll make your creative dreams come to life.

If you are ready for a full shower remodeling service in Anaheim, call the professionals at Shugarman’s Bath to get your free quote today.