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The Custom Touches Make All The Difference

Posted April 25, 2023
3 Shugarman Touches We Perform To Make Your Shower Or Tub Truly, Uniquely, 100% You Most One-Day Bathroom Companies REFUSE Customizing Their Prefab Tubs & Showers In today’s rapidly paced…

A Note From Our Owner

Posted April 21, 2023
On How Our Values Sit At The Core Of Everything We Do From the desk of Chase Shugarman at Shugarman’s Bath At Shugarman’s Bath, we understand that bathroom remodeling is…

Prioritizing Team Building Above All

Posted April 18, 2023
Prioritizing Company Culture Is A Must – That’s Why We Invest In Annual Development Days We Put Teamwork And Company Culture At The Forefront Of Everything We Do In today’s…

W-2 Shower And Bath Installers = Integrity

Posted March 31, 2023
Why We Use Only Full W-2 Employees – Buy-In, Pride, Quality, Accountability, And Training When you think of shower and bath contractors in the San Diego area, do you picture…

Why Our Design Consults Take 60-90 Minutes

Posted March 10, 2023
Getting ready to remodel your bathroom and considering Shugarman’s Bath? Then it’s critical to understand the first foundational part of the process – our design consultation. Because the truth is,…

Why A Specialist Is Ideal For Your Tub/Shower Remodel

Posted March 7, 2023
Did you know there’s a HUGE difference between a tub/shower remodeling specialist and a traditional General Contractor (GC)? If you’re like many other homeowners, who’ve searched around online for San…

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